Free DOS software

This software, formerly shareware, is now free of charge as I no longer maintain or develop it. Just ignore anything in the documentation about paying. Of course, if you want to make a contribution I will accept it!

VIEW - a file viewer

A DOS based viewer for popular word processor and other file formats: Wordperfect, Word for Windows, DOS Word, Mac Word WWW HTML-formatted files, ASCII and ANSI, Ami Pro Wordstar, Windows Write / Wordpad, XYWRITE, Rich Text Format, Microsoft Publisher, and larisWorks. VIEW converts to and from ASCII / ANSI / UNIX, including save to UNIX format. VIEW has various text search and print functions. Text search parameters can be maintained across multiple files. Print and save to file functions include entire file, selected block, or just lines containing (or omitting) specified text. Many other features.

UTMCON - UTM - latitude/longitude converter

UTMCON is a simple converter between UTM and latitude / longitude (and vice versa), using the common datums / ellipsoids (NAD27, NAD83, WGS84 etc.)


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