Porsche ECU repair

 944 DME repair  


Does your 944 suffer from intermittent or permanent no start with a loss of the spark?
The most common condition in the early Motronic DME's is intermittent or no spark.
The following DME's are usually repairable if the problem is spark or fuel related:
DME number                        Application              
0 261 200 075, 077               944
0 261 200 08x                       944
The repair price is usually $260 to $300 CAN


928 DME repair  


We are the agent for   JDSPorsche in Canada and can replace the hybrid circuit (tile) in your DME in Toronto.
Along with installing the new improved circuit, other components that may be suspect or likely to fail due to their age are also replaced.
The repair price is usually $600 Canadian and return by Priority Post is included.

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