Mellowmean is not a cult! (Unless of course somebody wants to make it one) A few years back I needed a name for email that wasn't taken. Michael is a pretty common name so I looked around and saw a countertop...* IDEA * I will call myself melamine (the countertop material). But ahhh crap I don't know how to spell, so Melamine became mellowmean.

Ok, the purpose of this site is to have as much fun as possible without the use of flash, ASP, PHP etc. and as little JS as possible, while keeping the page size (including graphics) under 45k. The site breakdown is explained below.


A collection of new work. Created in order to keep my sanity during work or just when I have nothing better to do. Sometimes I'm just trying to mimic good stuff I have seen out there, other times they are just to make me laugh. Kinda like drawing naked people doing naughty things when nights are long... uh...ok well maybe you don't do that but you get the idea.
A Web-Log; an online diary of sorts. What seems to be the *new* standard in personal web-spaces. I figured, what the hell, it gives my site a little bit more and it's doubtful that anybody is going to read it.
The Art section and Sketchbook section from my old site that I can't seem to part with yet.
Contact A little blurb about me and how you can contact me.
Links Couldn't be part of the WWW without these. This page is a few links to with personal friends or cool people I have met online. Too bad there isn't enough room for all the pages I think are great.
Awards wow! I got an award. Maybe I will get more, this is my awards page.

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