MAY 12 2002
Okay, So I am a big Fat lier, I said I would work on the site and yet I didnt. Well thats not entirely true, I have three pieces on the go but I have been side tracked a lot. I recently purchased a Dewalt Grinder and have been outside attacking any piece of steel I can find. I found an old metal school desk in a dumpster, and while it was back breaking carrying it home ( I have to get a drivers licence) it is cleaning up really nice. I also cleaned up a couple of old lamps that were at the theater I work at. One I returned the other I kept as payment for fixing the other one. So that is my excuse for not updating my deluxe section. On a side note I did get caught up on my emails. As far as web work is concerned, as some of you might know in my battle against boredom, I scour the web and redesign random sites and mail the results back to the owners. Sometimes it is well received and other times, hehe well lets just say it isnt. My latest latest random attack was extremely well received (no wonder considering what it looked like before) and was actually implemented. Now keep in mind that this is freebie work that I do because, well idle hands make for the devils playground, so it is not my best work but the goal is to give them something I think is better than what they have, either in functionality or design. That being said my latest attack is the Toronto Youth Cabinet. To see the before shot click here I think the biggest thing I resolved for them was the size for download which was, well just plain insane.

APRIL 28 2002
WOW! Its been a long time since I have updated this site. Me Bad! Its been a crazy month and a bit. Had my birthday on March 24 and its taken me this long to get out of the funk. Its a bad thing to set personal deadlines, thought I would have a house, 1.5 kids and a secure job by now, HaHa. I am Genx - How sad. oh well. Had an Art show, "CLICK ME" for a pic of the work. Its a 4' X 2.5' X 6" stainless glory hole. I am not sure how it went over but hey at least I am doing stuff, people seem to be lacking a sense of humour in the art world.. I am going to have a lot of free time this week so keep checking back I plan to make several additions to the site. Oh and I promise to get caught up on all my outstanding emails folks, so if you sent me one and you think I have snubbed you, just hold your horses, my response will come soon.

MARCH 05 2002
Ok, where did I leave off? Well Vanilla Sky SUCKED! Something about the pacing of Cameron Crowe movies bores the crap out of me, not to mention I feel nothing for the characters. And the ending of Vanilla Sky, good god! Was it a surprise? OK we saw it in the commercials so just jump already! Hopefully the original doesnt have the lame ass hollywood ending. Now that that rant is over, on to whats new. Nothing. I have a birthday comming up but hopefully everyone will forget it, I am vain and these birthdays are starting to add up. I wish that once you reached a certain age you started to reverse in age. Hmmm does that make sense? Lots of new additions to my deluxe section, and seven more ideas in progress. Also FAMEFAME.com has asked if they can use some of my work, ohhh flattering.

FEB 22 2002
Gonna watch Vanilla Sky tonight at the rep theater. Hopefully I will be soooo tired afterwards that I will have no trouble sleeping. I have fallen into a bad habit of forgetting how to breath or worse yet waking up dizzy and with a headache because I forgot to breath entirely. It kinda started when I was concentrating on the sound of my breathe with my head underwater in the bathtub. I guess its kinda like drumming, once you concentrate on the rhythm you screw it up. Well its been a week now where I have to consciously breath.. in, out, in, out what a pain in the ass. Guess I am neurotic. Maybe I should take up drinking, bah I hate the taste. I wonder if this has anything to do with my smoking again?

FEB 18 2002
Talk about a crazy month with little profit. oomph! lots of little project on the go and none of them for very much money. Sucks to be me. I also started a job as a popcorn slut and ticket ripper at a local rep theater. The pay is crap but the work is easy and I get to watch the movies so weee! I saw "pornstar" there the other night. Kinda depressing really. Sorry I cannot provide a link for the movie, if I type in pornstar to a search engine, well guess what it comes up with. Some new additions to the site but I have slowed down a bit. It seems my blasted counter is down, so if you visit drop me a line.

JANUARY 13 2002
Ohhh the 13th, look out templars they're comming to get you! Well I havent been updating this section as often as I had planned, but hey, I have looked around at other blogs and occasional updates seem to be the trend. For all those who are looking through my site... YES it is true, I cannot spell to save my life but I can make a damn fine coffee so all things even out in my mind. Nothing has happened so far this year to set it apart from other years but there is still time I guess. I have no gossip or any real events to blab about other than I am thinking of ordering the new LEGO® train. Maybe one day I will be one of those crazy old men who convert their house into a small world for their trains.

DECEMBER 31 2001
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well I managed to survive yet another year. No resolutions this year, I never seem to keep them anyhow. The site is comming together slowly but surely, I have roughed in most of it now its time for the fine tuning and the regular upkeep. Christmas was a blast and has slowed down the progress on this site. I promise everybody I will start returning emails once things slow down. At least I no longer have a cold.

DECEMBER 22 2001
Oomph! unemployed for the Christmas, contract work is rough. I am looking to set a record in the amount of times a person can come down with a cold in a year. The plus side being, I get to be constantly stoned on the lemony lemon of NeoCitran® or better known as phenylephrine with a good punch of acetaminophen. If you can say either of these words your smarter than me.

DECEMBER 18 2001
Saw my mom today, weee! Made a cheese tray for her to bring to work before she leaves on vacation. She is going to Florida to escape the winter blues here in Toronto. Maybe I will get myself one of those light blaster machines to lift my spirits. When I got home today I went right back out to the coffee shop to read. There was a girl there who was about 21-22 who was wearing low riding jeans with her thong hiked up passed the pant line. Is this the latest trend? boy I am really out of touch with the outside world.

DECEMBER 17 2001
Well I have finally decided to update my site. there is a lot more work to do but so far I am pretty pleased with it. I am not sure what I should put in as far as content is concerned but I guess that will come in time.


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