Gaming Materials and Scenarios Page

INTRODUCTION: This page introduces a few scenarios I have written for a variety of strategy games, including Machiavelli, Third Reich, Axis & Allies, and Divine Right, as well as some untested material for 3rd edition D&D, using the world of Minaria as the base.

Ė M. Gemmell

Part I: Minaria RPG materials

This Minaria RPG page includes game-mechanics material for role-playing in Minaria (Prestige classes, Races, Feats, etc.), maps and gazetteers for the world of Minaria. My content, definitely non-canon, is produced with the permission of Divine Right author Glenn A. Rahman.

I hope it will be useful to those wishing to RPG in the world of the Divine Right board game.

Part II: Wargaming Scenarios

Along with history, geography and maps have always fascinated me. What better way to combine them then military wargaming across the maps of Europe and beyond?


Machiavelli, a strategy game set in the city-states of Renaissance Italy. Machiavelli is a variant of the more well-known Diplomacy. I tired early of the limited scenarios available for Machiavelli and began creating my own. Three scenarios are available here , with historical maps modifying the original available for download. These scenarios all use the 2nd edition rules.

1. The Crowning of Charlemagne (794-814 AD) - Updated Nov 5, 2001, to include on-line map.
2. The Rise of Rome (780 BC) - Updated Nov 6, 2001, to include on-line map and tables
3. Cavour and Garibaldi (1859-1870 AD), updated January 27, 2002 to include map and revolutions table.

Third Reich

One of my first forays into "hard core" gaming was the purchase of Avalon Hill's Third Reich, a perennial favourite. I have designed a WW III scenario entitled "1945" , pitting the western Allies against the USSR in the immediate aftermath of the German surrender. This scenario also comes with an alternative history detailing how I got there. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

astonbu11945 , WW III in Europe.

Divine Right

TSR's 1979 fantasy war-game, Divine Right, is an enjoyable beer and pretzel game, combining the whimsy of fantasy with a decent strategy game. Here is a variant which should make the Mires of the Sinking Kind a little more interesting. Admittedly this was written long before I'd read the official Minarian Legends, and before I had done a lot of work in the world of Minaria (see above) but it's still a pretty neat idea. Just donít think too hard about it.

astonbu1The Elven Black Prince