The Family of Pierre Chiasson in France 





Pierre Chiasson was born in Saint-Sauveur de Nuaille', province of Aunis in France (today
Saint-Sauveur D'Aunis), it is not known exactly in which year.  His spouse Marie Peroche gave
him 5 children:  four daughters and a son. They are Marie, Louise, Jeanne, Francoise
and Guyon Denis, who is the ancestor of all the Chiassons, Giassons of Quebec and of some 
other surnames of North America.

Pierre was a ploughman in Saint-Sauveur de Nuaille, a small village near La Rochelle. 
The main street which is still there today, lead to a big location which served as a
meeting place for festive occasions.  This location is in front of the old thousand-year-old
church and in front of the town hall.  But it is known that in 1650, Pierre abandoned his land
and the village to settle with his family at La Rochelle, a very active seaport and base
of naval construction.  It is also known that on October 7, 1657, he died.

At the visit of the notary for the marriage of his sister Louise, Guyon Denis accompanied his
mother Marie Peroche, in the absence of his deceased father. His daughter Marie married
Nicolas Joubert about 1655 in La Rochelle, Aunis, France.

His daughter Jeanne married Jacques Hurtault about 1657.

His daughter Francoise testified before Savin, notary of La Rochelle, on October 25, 1658. She married at St.-Nicholas, on October 7, 1757 to Francois Bonhomme, son of Pierre Bonhomme, ploughman, and the late Claude Desneau. Their contract was received by Savin, preceding
September 2, in the presence of Marie Peroche, mother of the intended bride; Guyon Denis Chiasson, her brother; Nicolas Joubert, Simon Gendron and Jacques Hurtault, his
brothers-in-law on account of Marie, Louise and Jeanne Chiasson, their wives; Nicolas Gaudin, his first cousin once removed; and Marie Chiasson, his first cousin once removed. 

In France, the peasants lived in the village and not in the lands which they cultivated all around. This practice still endures today.

The port of La Rochelle is still the same today with its two large towers which border the entrance. Certain streets of La Rochelle are paved by stones originating form Quebec which the boats brought back on their return from New France.  The marina is a true
jewel for amateur photographers of fog.

Every summer, there is a musical festival in the old port of La Rochelle in which a lot of Quebecois participate.


Family of Pierre Chiasson & Marie Péroché
Saint-Sauveur of Nuaillé Aunis, France


the childrens of  Pierre and  Marie :
Name Date of
Date of
Parents Date of
Marie  Nicolas Joubert    La Rochelle 
Louise  1633  8 janv 1694  Simon Gendron    La Rochelle 
Louise  1633  8 janv 1694  Jacques Chapelain  Louis Chapelain & 
Françoise de Chaux 
14 sept 1666  Québec 
Jeanne  Jacques Hurtault  7 oct 1657  La Rochelle 
Françoise  François Bonhomme  Pierre Bonhomme & 
Claude Desneau 
7 oct 1657  La Rochelle 
Guyon Denis 1638  1692  Jeanne Bernard  André Bernard & 
Andrée Guion 
v.1666  Port-Royal 
Guyon Denis  1638  1692  Marie-Madeleine Martin  Pierre Martin & 
Joachine Lafleur 
7 oct 1683  Québec 

Let us return to Louise, sister of Guyon Denis:

On April 10, 1657, Louise married Simon Gendron, ploughman, native of St.-Nicholas near La Rochelle.  On June 11, 1659, Simon signed two conventions, one with Pierre Bizet, Sgr of
Barouere, the other with David Thibaud.

Finally, on March 27, 1665, Simon Gendron, native and present at La Rochelle, began for Canada toward the Sr. Gaigneur acting for Jean Grignon.  This contract was
followed effects, because on April 16, 1666, under the terms of procuration of her husband, dated April 22 from the previous year, Louise Chiasson ceded to Jean Belou, to merchant, and Catherine Audet, his wife, a casseron of vineyard located at the stronghold of Maquiau, parish
of Aytre. At the opening of the navigation, she embarked for Canada.

Was she widowed on her arrival? At all events, she did not delay to marry a second time in Quebec, September 14 1666, with the carpenter-turner Jacques Chapelain. Both of them
made a mutual donation, on October 16, 1670, of funds made in common. They bought from Jean Soulard, by two contraccts, respectively of December 1, 1675 and August 7, 1678, a site
on the Place D'Armes, of fifty feet in front and forty-eight feet in depth, where they build a stone house, covered with shingles, of one floor, composed of a room with a fireplace and a shop. 

With the hearth, remained without children, the discord, alas! Settled. to raise this "invincible obstacle to their safety", the husbands only transfer separation. Also, on September 19, 1692, with the St.-Louis castle, in the cabinet of the governor of Frontenac, did they sell to him, by way of syndicat of the Fathers Recollets, all their goods, the pieces of furniture and tools included, for the sum of five thousand five hundred sixty pounds to share per half between themselves.

Two days later Jacques Chapelain made a donation to his elder brother, Bernard, in charge of the family, then he embarked for France, after having named as attorney Jean Sebille, merchant
in Quebec.

As for Louise, she gave up her share with the Fathers Recollets, provided that they "gave to her a place in the general hospice of this said city (Quebec) there to be nourished and maintained
all things necessary, during her life, like one of the poor of this place, and that after her death, prayers to God for the rest of her soul.


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