A  TENACIOUS  LEGEND              



Guyon Denis, son of Pierre Chiasson and Marie Peroche, 
of St-Sauveur-De-Nuaille and later of La Rochelle, Aunis, France.

Guyon Denis Chiasson was born in 1638, in St-Sauveur de Nuaille, near La Rochelle. He emigrated to Canada, in Acadia, parish of Notre-Dame of Port-Royal, Nova Scotia, in 1664. Guyon Denis was 26 years old when he married at his first wedding, in 1664 in Port-Royal, Miss Jeanne Bernard, possibly the daughter of Andre Bernard and Andree Guion.

Commentary: Guyon Denis was the only son of a family of five children. Of his four sisters; Marie, Jeanne, Francoise and Louise, only Louse went to Quebec in 1666.  Her history is told in the document of her father Pierre. 

But, before going any further, let us destroy a pretending tenacious legend of the ancestor Guyon Denis would become established in Quebec about 1666.  If he wasn't the "only culprit", one is surprised to see Monsieur the Knight Gerard Chiasson said to the members of the area of Quebec (section, then of the S.G.C.F. of Montreal) in "a study on the origin and the history of the families Chiasson and Giasson" that Guyon Denis Chiasson emigrated from Acadia in 1666 at the same time as his sister Louise, wife of
Simon Gendron.  On the other hand and happily, the lecturer reported by after "that in 1686, at the time of the Acadian census, the ancestor was again in the area of Beaubassin in Acadia". 
Le Mois Genealogical.......11-14.
extract: Les Grands Arrangement Des Acadiens by: Adrien Bergeron


More serious, however, although also more excusable, the similiar projection and already old woman of Rameau (l-p, 171) which quotes and rejects the R.P. Archange Godbout, in "les Memoires de la S.G.C.F. de 1944", in pages 175-176: "Among the brought families of Canada (in Beaubassin) by Monsieur de la Valliere", writes Rameau, were the C h i a s s o n s, the Cottards, the Aubin-Mignaults, who later returned to this country (province of Quebec).

"The assertion is inaccurate, retorts Godbout, as regards Guyon Denis Chiasson. This colonist had initially settled at Port-Royal, as some of the baptismal certificates testify to his children, Francoise and Jean; and if he came to Quebec in 1683, it was only to marry there in his second
wedding with Marie-Madeleine Martin and to visit, on this occasion, his sister Louise, married the second time, in 1666, to Jacques Chaplain carpenter-turner."

Commentary:  There was in the preceding paragraph an error because we read (marriage certificates of his children) instead of the baptismal certificates. The first name was not possible because Jean was only one year old and Francoise was only a few months old when Guyon Denis left Port-Royal, for the area today of Halifax in Nova Scotia.  Therefore as their marriage certificates are taken of it, Francoise married on November 8, 1682 in the parish of Notre-Dame de Bon Secours of Beaubassin, Nova Scotia and Jean married November 12, 1697 in Batiscan near Trois-Rivieres in the province of Quebec.

From 1664 to June 1668, Guyon Denis soon had a family of four children. Guyon Denis, like his family, is not figured on the census of Acadia of 1671. With this information, Father Goudbout added a plausible suggestion, but of another nature: it does not seem that it was forgotten.  Undoubtedly it was turned over with Jeanne Bernard and her children, in La Rochelle, not being able to be done with the yolk of Great Britain.
extract: Les Grands Arrangements Des Acadiens by: Adrien Bergeron

Commentary:  This suggestion of R.P.A. Godbout is inaccurate. Here now is a new version of facts that Stephen White of the University of Moncton gives us.

Guyon Denis settled near Chedabouctou, today Halifax, to do hunting and fur trading. The name of Guyon Denis Chiasson is carried in the account book of LeBorgne, trading and negotiating, from June 6, 1668 until October 25, 1674.  This corner of the country had had to be forgotten in the census of 1671-1672,
whih would explain why it was supposed that he had left Acadia.
Stephen White Université De Moncton (ANF, Col., E277 Le Neuf)

He settled thereafter in 1675, in the area of Beaubassin, rather than in Port-Royal. He had at this time five children and this same year (1675) Michel, youngest of his sons, is born in Beaubassin. Guyon Denis was given a grant of good land in this beautiful valley where, of a headland, now the historic building of Fort Beausejour, one can see as far as the eye can see the cleared ground and the river "Des Francais" which 
ravels there.


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