This page of our ancestor Guyon Denis Chiasson, wishes to offer to everyone who consults it, the possibility of constructing their personal lineage. It is possible that the information could be incomplete or erroneous. It would please me with your collaboration to correct these errors.
You will find at the bottom of this page my postal address and my email address.

Plan :

- The main page or welcome page, has a table of contents, with underlined titles which will lead you to the text pages.

- For the people who would search for constructing their lineage, the start is under the title
DESCENDANTS OF GUYON DENIS CHIASSON which leads you to the page of the first ancester of North America.  On this page you will find a table of the children of Guyon Denis Chiasson and Jeanne Bernard, therefore four possible links being one of the four sons, Gabriel, Jean, Sebastien and Michel.

- By clicking on the link Gabriel, Jean, Sebastien or Michel, you will attain their personal page and you will again find a table of their children. You can follow this table for five generations.
By the sequence you must return to the page of Gabriel, Jean, Sebastien or Michel, to find the following generations, they may be the sixth, seventh, and eighth generation, these generations
being in the form of lists.

- These lists are not presently complete. With time they will be developed and will permit all the descendants of Guyon Denis Chiasson to find their ancestors and complete their lineage.


Short term objectives:

- To supplement the lists of generations

- To replace text pages with personal photos taken at the time of
my trips to Nova Scotia and France being at Saint-Sauveur-D'Aunis
and La Rochelle.

- To ask for the collaboration of all those interested to improve
the quality of information and enrich the "supply bank" of this

Long Term Objectives:

- To help with the implantation of a family association.

- To allow permanence of this page on the internet.

- To promote research in order to enrich our family surname.



For work or publications on our surname
For collaboration to the enrichment of the site

B R A V O !




Mr. Stephen A. White,
University of Moncton

Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes

Father Charles Aucoin
Les Trois Pignons

La Societe Saint-Pierre, Cheticamp, N.-E

Sir Gerard Giasson
Genealogy of the family Giasson

St-Jean Port-Joli, (Quebec)

Mr. Jean Paul Chiasson, M.A. CscSoc., 
Chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint Grégoire le Grand

Lamèque, sur l'île de Shippagan, Nouveau-Brunswick,
24 octobre 1972


My address:

191  rue  PAPINEAU
G4R 4H8

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