Basic Skills Needed in Ice Hockey

The following skills are needed in hockey. Beginners may not have all the skills but during practice they learn many of them. It takes a long time to be good at all the skills. That is why in all the hockey league they insist on regular practice.
Skating is the first thing that needs to be learnt to play hockey since it is impossible to play hockey without skating. Skating will help with other skills needed to play hockey. When  starting to skate forward after stopping, long strides are required but once the you pick up speed you would need to take short strides.
If you can skate very fast you will need to know how to stop. It will allow you to prevent from colliding with other players and the sides of the rink and also allow you better control of the puck. There are many different types of stops but the hockey stop is the most essential. 
Turning is needed when you need to move to the side without stopping. A quick way to turn is doing crossovers where the leg opposite to the way you want to turn is lifted over your turning leg and your turning leg coming back into normal position. 
Stickhandling means the ability to move the puck on the ice with your stick while skating. It is important when trying to keep the puck from your opponent.
Hockey is a team game and requires that the puck be passed to your team members who might be in a better position to move it away towards the opponents goal. Passing is very important because passing gets the puck to your teammate and without passing you would not be able to get the puck out of an blocked area.
Taking Shots
Taking shots is what will get the puck into the opposing net. There are 3 kinds of shots. A slapshot; a shot which is very fast but takes time complete. The wrist shot; an accurate medium speed shot in the air, that takes less time than the slapshot to complete. The snapshot; a shot similar to the wrist shot but not in the air.
Pushing Off
Pushing off is the ability  to pick up speed  quickly after you have stopped.
Deking is needed to trick your opponent. You pretend to skate or take a shot one way, once your opponent follows you that way, you skate or take a shot the other way.
Checking is a defensive skill where your objective is to take the puck away from your opponent. There are many different types of legal checks and many different types of checks that will result in a penalty. A sweep check is when a player knocks their opponents stick away from the puck. A Lift check is when a player lifts their opponents stick off the ice. The poke check is a skill where the player pokes the puck away from the opponent handling the puck.
Goalie Skills
If you are a goalie you will need to know  skills that are vastly different than the other players. When there are no people taking shots at you should wait in the ready stance. The ready stance is when the goalie is leaning forward, with their chin up and knees that are bent and together. 

Goalies need to know how to save a puck. There are 6 kinds of saves. A V-save; a save where the goalie uses his/her legs to save the puck. A blocker save where the goalie uses his/her blocker to deflect the puck. A glove save: a save where the goalie uses his/her catcher to catch the puck. A deck save; a save where the goalie throws their body flat, in front of the net with their stick out as far as it can go. A stick save; where the goalie uses their stick to stop the puck. A cover up: a save where the goalie drops on the puck. 

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