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Rory really enjoyed ballet. Thank you for making it lots of fun for Rory.—Sherri Milne

Our daughter has received excellent instruction and encouragement from a team who promote health & wellness, team work, fun and camaraderie through the enjoyment dance. Her participation in recitals, public performances, competitions and rehearsals has positively affected her self discipline, leadership skills and self esteem; helping her build a strong moral character that enriches all areas of her life.—Matthew Cherry (proud father)

I like to come to dance class. I like the music and the fun we have in class. I like all of the new friends that I have made in dance!—Karlene Buller

My daughter looks forward to dance class every week. She loves the instructors the most and talks about them all the time. I like how the class makes her feel like such a little girl.—Richelle Tuffs

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