On May 6th, 2005, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Alumnae Association of the Montreal General Hospital, School of Nursing.

A group of nurses met in Miss Livingston's room on April 17, 1905 and formally inaugurated the "Club for Graduate Nurses of the Montreal General Hospital." The object was to set a high standard of professional work, subject to the rules and regulations. The minutes of this meeting indicate that a "blackballing" system was set up for those who did not live up to the code. The first executive was comprised of the following individuals:

Honorary President: Miss N. Livingston President: Miss L. Parker Secretary: Miss N. Tedford

Treasurer: Miss McCutcheon

Committee: Miss I. Dodd, Miss J. Webster, Miss S.E. Young, Miss M. Strumm and Miss M. Young

(Source: Minutes of April 17, 2005 meeting, Alumnae Archives)

The early annual reports (of the now called Alumnae Association) show an active organization involved in standards, welfare of the graduates, education and raising money for worthwhile causes, many relating to war efforts.

In 1955, at the 50th anniversary celebrations, the first President Miss Louise Parker was a guest at the head table. Miss Norenea Mackenzie noted in her annual report that extensive celebrations were not possible due to the impending move but that 351 members had dined together. (It seems there were many who were turned away as they had not reserved in advance!)

In honour of the occasion we commissioned the building of a display cabinet which is located at the lounge end of Peacock alley on the 6th floor of Livingston Hall. We are grateful to the cabinet maker, Clark Hodgson, (nephew of Joan Clark, class of 1959) for the design and skilled workmanship.



At the coffee party, Gweneth Thirlwell arranged for an anniversary cake which was cut by Margaret Wheeler, a past president and celebrating her 65th reunion and the current Director of Nursing of the MUHC, Anne Lynch. We are pleased that 14 of the past Presidents were able to join with us for the celebrations. Dinner convenor, Dianne Jazzar, ensured that we topped off the evening with a memorable dessert.


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