Laurentian Rogaine

Saturday October 12, 2019 - 3 Hour Event

A Map and Compass Adventure Sport

ROGAINE is an acronym for a Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance. Originally from Australia, this map and compass adventure sport is becoming popular in North America. It is an accessible recreational outdoor activity for amateurs. It is also a relevant skill test for many professionnals. Participants in a Rogaine come from diverse backgrounds: Outdoors enthusiasts, Hikers, Runners, Orienteering racers, Adventure racers, Eco-challengers, Scouts, Army cadets, Military, Search and Rescue personnel, Police officers, First responders and Firefighters.


The basic idea of a Rogaine is simple: Teams consisting of two to four people visit as many controls as possible and return to the finish in the time allotted. The most important skill is the ability to read a map. It is also important that teammates work well together. Each participant is given a printed topographic map with control locations circled on it prior to the start. Each control will be marked in the field by an orange and white flag. Each team will use a pin punch located at the flag to punch a card to prove that they were at the location. Each team will have a listing of the description of where each flag is hung.


Schedule: Registration desk will be open between 11:00 and 11:30 am. There will be a lot of people on the roads. Adjust your movements accordingly. Come early. There will be a mandatory briefing session at 11:30 followed by the distribution of the maps. Control cards will be distributed just before the start. Mass start will be at 12:00. Do not be late because we will be on time!


Map: The map is specifically produced for this event with all control locations premarked. Trails, man made objects, hydrographic and topographic features have been precisely surveyed and added to the map using the best geographic databases available and exhaustive field checking. The map will have magnetic north lines printed on it for compass users.


Categories: H3, F3, X3 (H: Men / F: Women / X: Mixed / 3 hour event).


Rules: No vehicular transport is allowed during the event. No aid from others is allowed during the event. Food/supply drops prior to the event are prohibited. For safety reasons, team members must stay in sight and speaking distance throughout the event.


Scoring: Each control will have a score associated with it (easy locations will have a lower score than the tougher locations). Each team's final score will be determined by adding up the score from each control visited. Teams returning after the finish time will have their total score reduced for each minute overtime (10 points per minute).


Terrain: The area is hilly with some wet lands. An extensive trail system is covering the area. The forest density is variable, but generally runnable at this time of the year.


Equipment: Participants are expected to carry everything they will need during the event. Each team member must carry a whistle, a compass and a water bottle. There is no water stop through the area except at the event center. Also recommended are food, long pants, extra clothes, protective goggles, first aid supplies, cellular phone and a small pack for carrying supplies. Liquids will be provided at the event center as the event end.


Directions: The event center is located at Sommet Morin Heights main building. Directions : Autoroute 15 North, exit 60 (St-Sauveur), Route 364 West for 9,9 km until Saint-Adolphe Road. Turn left on Bennett Road at the traffic light and follow this road uphill for 1,4 km to the parking lot near the alpine slopes. Address: 231, Bennett Road, Morin-Heights, QC. Coordinates: 45.899801 N, 74.269369 W.


Registration: By Email or mail. You must provide your team name, team members names, dates of birth, category, addresses, phone numbers and emails. No registration will be accepted on the day of the event.


Fees: $30/person before October 9. Send one check per team payable to Mont Bleu by mail to the registrar address. Note that registration date is related to completed team information and full payment. No refund. Only registered participants will get an acknowledgment by email.



Registrar address : Mont Bleu, 18 Soleil-Levant, Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada, J0R 1H0