Report - Laurentian Rogaine 2013

September 7-8, Morin Heights, Quebec

The 22nd edition of the Laurentian Rogaine was held on September 7-8 weekend at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane in Morin Heights. The 59 teams of two to six participants came to attend this 8 and 24 hour orienteering event. In total, there were 144 entries that were mainly from Quebec and Ontario. There were also participants from the United States, Sweden and Ukraine.

At 7:30 am Saturday morning, the first participants came to the registration and preparations. At 8:30, there was a general briefing on the regulations, the peculiarities of the course and recommendations. At 9:00, each participant received a precise topographic map of a territory which covered an area of 161 square km.

The map was designed specifically for the event, at scale 1/40,000 and a contour interval of 10 meters, showed the precise location of the 50 checkpoints that each worth 30 to 70 points depending on the difficulty level and the remoteness of the base camp. It is with excitement that the teams used the next sixty minutes to plan their respective route choice to maximize their score in the allotted time.

At the starting signal at 10:00, the teams are soaring in all directions to reach the checkpoints. Each checkpoint was materialized in the field with a red and white reflective tube with a distinctive punch for teams to authenticate their respective passage. Participants had to be back in the time allotted for not incurring a costly penalty of 10 points per minute late. The maximum score for this event is 2500 points.

A cool and cloudy Saturday with an average temperature of 15 C, followed by a windy cooler weather at dawn on Sunday morning, led to a perfect weekend for this event. Some areas were covered with fallen trees which obliterate trails, while other parts of the forest were more runnable. Hot and cold drinks, fruits, desserts and meals were served by volunteers throughout the event at the base camp. Participants exchanged their respective route choice while awaiting the results and the awards ceremony about thirty minutes after the end of each event.

Outperforming 58 teams, team "Kinetic" composed of Francis Lambert (Orford, QC) and Pascal Laroche (Magog, QC), won the honor of the 24-hour event. The winning team collected 2340 points (46 controls) in a time of 23:20. The "Stockholm Adventure Racing" team of Magnus Holmen (Kanata, ON) and Tommy Ivarsson (Uppsala, Sweden) scored 2260 points (45 controls) in 23:22. This score places them second overall.

Team "Bitz" composed of Pavel Korniliev (Corning, NY) and Thomas Rycroft (Gainesville, NY) ranks third overall and first place in the masters category with a score of 2160 points (42 controls) in 23:45. Team "Vignette" composed of Marcy and John Beard (Albany, NY) is the first mixed team and ranks fourth overall by collecting a score of 2130 points (43 controls) in a time of 23:42.

Team "Nightcrawlers" consisting of Mary and Eric Smith (Freeville, NY) won the veterans category with a score of 1500 points (31 controls) in 21:36. This score places them eleventh overall. Team "Road Runnettes" composed of Monia Bienvenue and Danielle Tapps (Trois-Rivieres, QC), is the first women's team with a score of 1020 points (23 controls) in 19:22. This score places them twentieth overall.

Team "Bull's Head" composed of Stephane Blais-Lacroix (Cleveland, QC), David Leclair (Saint-Felix-de-Kingsey, QC) and Carl Pearson (Danville, QC), won the 8-hour event with a score of 1150 points (25 controls) in 7:34. This score places them fourteenth overall. Team "Rays of Hope" consisting of Anatoliy, Olga and Vladyslav Rayda (Pierrefonds, QC), is the first mixed team of the 8-hour event with a score of 1120 points (24 controls) in 7:54. This score places them fifteenth overall.

Team "Wolverines" consisting of Lester Kovac and David McCaw (Ottawa, ON) is the first team in the masters category of the 8-hour event with a score of 1030 points (22 controls) in 7:59. This score places them nineteenth overall. The team "Les jambes?" composed by Diane Menard and Jean-Yves Laporte (Bois-des-Filion, QC) is the first mixed team in the masters category of the 8-hour event with a score of 640 points (14 controls) in 7:13. This score places them thirty-oneth overall.

Team "Limoges" composed of Catherine Limoges (Longueuil, QC) and Frederique Limoges (Saint-Jerome, QC) is the first women team of the 8-hour event with a score of 460 points (11 controls) in 8:04. This score places them thirty-ninth overall. Team "Viking West" composed of Karen Polansky (Newmarket, ON), Heather Shepherd (Campbellcroft, ON) and Tom McOwen (Lachine, QC) won the veterans category of the 8-hour event with a score of 390 points (8 controls) in 7:38. This score places them forty-second overall.

Merrell, Camelbak, IGA Morin Heights, Espresso Sports, Nuun and Mont Bleu geomatics are the sponsors. Celine Mul, Denis Tessier, Andre Lapalme, Carmen Cloutier, Nicole Roy, Huguette Villemaire, Claude Lamarche, Yolande Lamarche, Pierrette Perodeau, Michele Dallaire, Lionel Dallaire, Elaine Glen, Bruce Glen, Pierre Laurendeau, Francine Clement, Armand Proulx and Francis Falardeau were strongly occupied with the logistics of the event.

The organizers would like to thank Susan Welsh (Girl Guides of Canada), Catherine Maille (Director of Recreation and Culture Morin Heights), landowners and the numerous volunteers who offered a warm and sincere welcome to the participants. Until next adventure!

Francis Falardeau, Laurentian Rogaine