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ISSN 1705-5865     © N-R-C 2001

It is the only national bimonthly rose magazine in Canada.
Every issue is on file in the National Archives of Canada.

is published six times a year in January, March, May, July,
September and November in hard copy only.


What does it cover?

•     rose appreciation and evaluation (of both modern and heritage roses)

•     disease and pest recognition and control

•     news and assessment of breeding programs

•     book reviews

•     judging critiques

•     biography of Canadian and other northern rose hybridizers

•     tributes to distinguished rosarians

•     coverage of unusual rose events (domestic and international)

•     industry notes

•     garden visits

•     obituaries


It publishes only original material.

 It does not deal with cultivation except in generalities because that is special to each locality and climate. What works well in one area may be harmful in another. 

Nor does it report on rose show results because they usually only intrigue the participants. Local rose or horticulture societies do the best job of providing such information. Exception is made to report on extraordinary shows. 

It does not carry advertising. Accordingly its reportage is completely independent. 

Roses-Canada does not compete with newsletters of local rose societies. It is intended to complement them on the national level. 

Enquire for permission to reprint articles. Member societies of National-Roses-Canada have blanket permission to reprint in their own local newsletter.


The Editor
The editor is Harry McGee
41 Outer Drive, London, ON, N6P 1E1

The editor welcomes receiving articles relating to rose growing in your garden, or concerning the activities of your local society.He prefers receiving copy by e-mail but will accept written submissions. They may be in either official language. 

The Cover page:   Friends of Roses-Canada and rose suppliers, and rose breeders are invited to contribute choice colour rose portraits suitable for the front cover of the magazine together with a contribution of $125.00 to finance this popular service. It is an excellent way to promote a new rose being introduced, or an outstanding garden achievement. Please ensure your colour photo is in high resolution (minimum of 800 dpi).

A subscription to Roses-Canada costs $40.00 CAD or USD for any 12-month period (6 issues). Only cheques or equivalent can be accepted made out to National-Roses-Canada and mailed to National-Roses-Canada head office, 41 Outer Drive, London ON Canada N6P 1E1 together with your complete postal address. 

Index: Contributing editor, Margit Schowalter, of Tofield, Alberta, provides  a voluntary service of creating an index of all Roses-Canada’s contents by subject and titles, and by authors. It appears in this website only. 

Abstracts: The editor at the time of publication creates an abstract of what appears in each issue and it too appears in this website only. 

Back issues: of Roses-Canada may be purchased at the cost of $6.00 per issue plus $1.00 each to cover postage. Address all requests to head office. 

The forerunner to Roses-Canada was The Rosebank Letter. It was published privately by Rosecom between September 1995 and January 2004 inclusive. Rosecom is an Ontario registered business with office at 41 Outer Drive, London, ON N6P 1E1. Phone 519 652 5728. Information about the newsletter may be accessed by internet. Go to   and scroll down the menu to The Rosebank Letter. Abstracts and indexes follow on the menu at The Rosebank Letter Abstracts. The indexes were  provided by Arnold Pittao. Back issues may be purchased at cost or the whole oeuvre of 47 issues may be acquired for CAD or USD $ 100.00. The Rosebank Letter and Roses-Canada form a seamless continuum, one following the other as publishers changed.



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