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GUARDIAN SERVICE (work in progress)- this page was last updated on January 3, 2001.

If you're looking to buy Guardian service visit my GUARDIAN SERVICE FOR SALE page

First I would like to thank all the collectors who have contributed pictures and information.
We all benefit from it!!

Guardian service is more than just collectibles, its warm childhood memories coming back all at once.
for questions about this page please email me at earth-angel@erols.com or sign my guestbook. You can also
view my guestbook to see what other people are saying or help me answer their questions!

This page is for information purposes only! None of the following items are for sale,
if you are looking to buy pieces, you should visit my GUARDIAN SERVICE FOR SALE page.

From bits and pieces of information given to me, it is my understanding that Guardian Service (GS)
was sold by demonstration in the home. A representative would prepare a meal in your home and
you could buy the basic set and add-on any other pieces you wanted.
In 1961, a basic set which included: Dome Cooker, Economy Trio, Casserole - Turreen, Large Fryer
Griddle Broiler, Oval Tray, Service Kit, added luxury was the Large Roaster and Sizzling Server
at the cost $115.00
Below are a few pictures, some from my collections or from other collectors who were kind enough
to share their knowledge with me. If you have pieces not shown here and would like to show them
I would be happy to add them.

If you are looking for replacement lids, pressure cooker parts, cookbooks, individual pieces, old
and new please call Ivin Bernstein of Guardian Service at (410)560-0777, or you can mail him your
requests at: Ivin Bernstein, Guardian Service, 2110 Harmony Woods Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117
or you may contact him via email at Vettelvr93@aol.com and visit his website at Ivin's GS Page.

You may also join the new GS Cookware discussion group by sending a message to: to
guardian-service-cookware-subscribe@egroups.com or visit their website at GS Cookware discussion group.
This group is sure to answer any questions you may have about GS. GS Cookware discussion group .

Be sure to stop by William Mills Guardian service website, Another great GS site
with tons of new information and interresting stuff.

Most of the people who were so kind as to give me pictures have items for sale,
some listed in my GUARDIAN SERVICE FOR SALE page.
You may contact them directly via Email. Lorna in particular has over 500 beautiful
pieces for sale, please do not hesitate to contact her at vetter@sprintmail.com.
She is well informed and has many pieces of guardian service with original
label still on it.

A great picture provided by Dick Collier's from Thanksgiving Dinner!
A truly beautiful display for Guardian Service, Thanks

A great picture provided by Ivin Bernstein!
A rare piece, expendable trivets. Thanks

A great picture provided by Ivin Bernstein!
Another rare piece, a Salesman Brochure.
Salesmen used this as an aid for their
cookware demonstrations. Thanks

A great picture provided by Lorna!
Another rare piece,
Individual salts in a great little case.
Probably another Hostess Gifts. Thanks

A great picture provided by Marv!
Another Individual salts in another type
of case. Pieces I have never seen before.

A great picture provided by Marv!
Individual salts another view of the case.

A great picture provided by Marv!
Individual salts another view of the case.

A great picture provided by Marv!
Appears to be a compact,
never seen that one before.

A great picture provided by Marv!
A glass with GS logo, different shape
than the others.

A great picture provided by Marv!
The guardian service ice tong.

A great picture provided by Marv!
The guardian service ice tong
with Century Metalcraft identification.

Another great picture provided by Lorna!
The guardian service Water pitcher with cover.

This carving set I believe was a hostess gift.

Another great picture provided by Lorna!
This set of Glasses with coasters have been a contraversy
for authenticity. Her great aunt received those for having
parties, one glass at the time, it is my belief that like
all party customs, representatives gave gifts which
they may have chosen from a catalog to give to their
hostesses. Many of these are now surfacing, and
unfortunately, not many people still alive to authenticate.
By listing them on my page, I am hoping someone will show
them to a retired sales rep and we will know
once and for all, if these were really genuine hostess gifts.

Other rare items, Salt Shakers.
shown here are 3 different sets
Picture provided by Lorna.

Another rare item, A glass GS casserole.
These are used inside the metal pans.
Picture provided by Lorna.

Another great item provided by Lorna
These Adel Davis cook books,
reference Guardian Service.

Another rare item, A Cheese Knife Hostess Gift.
shown here with leather case
I had heard of this but never seen it.
Picture provided by Lee & Irv's, Thanks!!

Another rare item, A Red Tin Cleaner
From Dennis Peterman's Collection

This a typical guardian service invoice from someone
buying a basic set

Very Rare item, a 2qt pan with glass insert,
shown here with glass cover

Inside view of the 2qt pan with glass insert.
this great find!

Close-up view of Glass Insert Logo

Another Rare Item, A Guardian Service
Service Award Pin

A very unusual item!
A kettle Oven with a flat Handle
Handle similar to dutch oven handle.
From Sharon Bearden's Collection

The Service Kit
I believe kit contained the following
3 tins, steel wool, brush, cookbook,
From Dennis Peterman's Collection!

Blue Guardian Service Label

The Red Guardian Service Label

The Green Guardian Service Label

Small Roaster (shown) with glass lid
but also sold with metal lid

Coffee Pot with glass lid

Cleaning Powder, sold to clean Guardian Service.
There originally sold for 25 cents
From Dennis Peterman's Collection!

Guardian Service Tested Recipes, part of the Service Kit
I understand that there are a total of 4 books.
The canning book is displayed below and the red book
shown with the Small Roaster with Metal Lid.

Dutchoven from Dick Collier's Collection

Water Pitcher from Dick Collier's Collection

Large Fryer with Glass Lid

Large Fryer with Metal lid

This duplex pan folds in two to
make omelets, this was also used
in the south for cornbread

The Gravy Boat with underplate

Triangle pan shown with Metal Lid
sold also with glass lids

A rare piece, the guardian service ashtray
apparently given as an Hostess gift

The Guardian Services glasses
from Sharon Bearden's Collection

Famous logo for Guardian Service

First logo for Guardian Service

Large Platter great for pizza!

The Utility Roaster with metal lid

Breakfast fryer with Metal lid

Food Saver or Colander with 8 sided wooden pestle
from Sharon Bearden's Collection

Condiment bowl set with frame, an extremely rare piece

Original Coffee Pot, handle attaches at one end only

The sizzling Server steak plates
from Sharon Bearden's Collection

Trivet (unmarked) was used to hold the economy trio
from Sharon Bearden's Collection

Pressure Cooker from Sharon Bearden's Collection

This Kettle Oven comes with a pie rack

This tray fits inside the small roaster to keep
meat or another entry warm, sometimes used as
a lid when original broken.

This tray is identical to one on left except it has no
grooves inside.

Another rare Item, this cookbook is I believe the
first cookbook!

This recipe book about 20 pages, contained canning recipes
There are 4 cookbooks 1 above and 1 shown with
Small Roaster with Metal Lid.

This is the round inside/octogonal outside griddle

This is the octogonal Griddle

Complete Bacon Press
from Sharon Bearden's Collection

The handles set of 3, part of the Service Kit

Snack Fryer with Glass lid

Snack Fryer with metal lid

Small Roaster with Metal lid
shown here with another Cook Book.
From Sharon Bearden's Collection.

Breakfast fryer with Glass lid

This the ice bucket. White interior, glass top

The Coffee pot with the Metal cover

This is the 1 qt dome cooker with glass top

This is the 3qt dome cooker with glass lid.

Casserole Tureen, also known as double boiler, with glass Lid

This is the 4qt dome cooker with glass lid.

This a typical guardian service invoice from someone
buying a basic set

Casserole tureen, double boiler with Glass top.

Other pieces (not shown) include double boiler, Egg Cooker, tongs (pictures coming soon)
If you have information you would like to share, please email
at earth-angel@erols.com

For questions regarding Sharon Bearden's collection you can email her at sbearden@semo.net
For questions regarding Dennis Peterman's collection you can email him at djpeterman@services.computerland.net
For questions regarding Dick Collier's collection you can email him at mountainrun@ns.gemlink.com Lee & Irv's Homepage

Hints for cleaning guardian service:

1. remove bake lite handles if any. be very careful removing handles, they break easily.
2. wash pan with kitchen detergent and hot water, rinse and dry thoroughly before oven cleaning.
3. never completely fill oven. cleaning one at the time produces best results.
4. clean lids with lids and pans with pans.
5. always place pans right side up and lids upside down to clean, smoke cannot accumulate in a pan or under a lid which can cause discoloration.
6. always use lowest oven rack. smoke will rise, keep the pans in the lowest smoke area. Once the self cleaning oven is completed the pans may appear dull, you can use steel wool, wire brush or brillo to bring back the shine.
7. You should set up a dirty scale for yourself, i.e. 1 being clean and 10 being real dirty, clean all the similar degrees together, i.e. 1,2,3 or 7,8,9 but should not do 1,2 and 8, because of the smoke which could cause discoloration to the almost clean pans.
8. also consider cream of tartar, you immerse the pan, lids in a large pan (2 tsp of cream of tartar per quart of water) and boil them.

Other source for guardian service are:
The Stevenson Company, 212 Birchtree Lane, Lewisburg, PA 17837, (717)523-0006.
Guardian Service Cookware, 10533 Dale Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680.

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