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Always An Updraft

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"Like everything else Munroe Scott has written, from plays to novels to newspaper columns to biography, not to mention dozens of scripts for screens large and small, these memoirs are rollicking and touching."
- R.B. Fleming, Ph.D, Author/ Historian

"Fascinating.... An engaging behind-the-scenes look at the writing / media world."
- Orm Mitchell, Professor of English Literature

"Scott's writing technique is so consistently skillful that almost any chapter could be used for study purposes.... The multi-disciplinary potential of Always An Updraft is enormous, particularly so with respect to 20th century Canadian history (especially the Pearson/ Diefenbaker years), and more broadly, Canadian Studies (identity, culture, heroes, values). Each of these in turn leads into ethical issues and other themes, such as American cultural imperialism."
- Edward Smith, Teacher-Librarian

"There are far too many erasures and gaps in our knowledge of artistic production in the postwar period [in Canada], particularly in the period of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s when the impact of new technologies brought the dramas unfolding in the national and international communities into our living rooms.... It is a joy to read and opens many doors to new ways of thinking about the period(s) discussed."
- John H. Wadland, Professor of Canadian Studies



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