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A dark connection exists between "replicant technology" and Germans "in this story"

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Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL
CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution
into the NEXUS phase - a being virtually
identical to a human - Known as a Replicant

The NEXUS 6 Replicants were superior
in strength and agility, and at least equal
in intelligence, to the genetic engineers
who created them.

Replicants were used Off-world as
slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and
colonization of the other planets.

After a bloody mutiny by a NEXUS 6
combat team in an Off-world colony,
Replicants were declared illegal
on earth - under penalty of death.

Special police squads - BLADE RUNNER
UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon
detection, any trespassing Replicant.

This was not called execution.
It was called retirement.

What is "Blade Runner"?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

What is a "Blade Runner"?

In the movie, a Blade Runner is the name of a special cop (bounty hunter) used to locate then retire replicants, which are forbidden on Earth.

The following excerpts are found on page 186 of:
"Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human" by K. W. Jeter
published by Bantam (c) 1995 by the Philip K. Dick Trust

"But the truth of the matter is that all the blade runners have always been replicants, from day one. Even before there were any replicants being manufactured in the U.S., back when the industry was located in Stuttgart, and the original developers of the technology--people like Paul Derain, and Sudermann and Grozzi, the ones that Eldon Tyrell eventually ripped off--knew they were dealing with dangerous stuff and they put the first safeguards in place"


"From the start," Batty went on, "Those (German) companies had replicants on-line whose sole purpose was to keep other replicants from escaping and trying to pass themselves off as human. That's where the name "blade runner" comes from; those enforcement replicants were originally called Bleibruhigers. Bleib ruhig is German for "stay quiet (or stay calm)". And that's what they did, they kept everything nice and quiet; most people around the turn of the century weren't even aware that the replicant technology had been developed. Then when Tyrell and the U.N. brought everything over to the States, and the catching of escaped replicants became a police function, that's when Bleibruhiger got Anglicized to blade runner. The term doesn't make sense, otherwise."

Please note that some Blade Runner FAQ's have a different explanation for the term "Blade Runner". Personally, I prefer the explanation given by Jeter since all B.R. fans know that Philip Dick got the idea for Voight-Kampff emphathy test after the emotional turmoil caused by reading the diaries of Nazi guards currently stored in the special documents library at UCLA.

Bryant's SpinnerSound Clips (just a few)

Policeman: Hey, idi-wa. [Cityspeak-Korean for: "Come here."]
Gaff: Monsieur, ada-na kobishin angum bi-te. [Cityspeak-German for: "Sir. You will be required to accompany me please"]
Sushi Man: He say you under arrest, Mr. Deckard.
Deckard: Got the wrong guy, pal.
Gaff: Lo fa, ne-ko shi-ma de va-ja blade... Blade Runner. [Cityspeak-Hungarian for: "Horse Dick! So you say. You are the Blade Runner"]
Sushi Master: He say you brade runna.
Deckard: Tell him I'm eating.

The red text above was taken from P.116 of the book "Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner" by Paul M. Simon

Roy Batty: Quite an experience to live in fear isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave.

Roy Batty: I've seen things that you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near Tan Hauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Blade Runner Major Chronology:

  • Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (a.k.a. DADOES in the news groups and blogs) is published.
  • Philip K. Dick dies of a heart attack at the age of 53 while the movie Blade Runner is being edited
    (he viewed segments in the company of Ridley Scott and approved of the dystopic view of the year 2019)
  • The Blade Runner movie is released to theaters
    (which is considerably different than the DADOES novel)
  • The DADOES novel is re-released with a Blade Runner cover
    (I am not aware of any book that follows the movie; If you want to read the subsequent novels, you must watch the video first)
  • The original theatrical release of Blade Runner is released on video.
    1380 Embassy Home Entertainment
  • The director's cut version of Blade Runner is released on VHS after being shown at the Toronto film festival
    12682 Warner Home Video
  • The Vangelis "Blade Runner" sound track is released by Warner Music U.K.
    CD 96574
  • The novel Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human by K. W. Jeter is published
  • The novel Blade Runner: Replicant Night by K. W. Jeter is published
  • The book Future Noir : The Making of Blade Runner by Paul M. Sammon is published
  • The Blade Runner game for Windows 95 + Windows NT is released by Westwood Studios
  • On 1997.08.22 the "director's cut" version of Blade Runner is released on DVD
    12682.1 (North American DVD players only)
  • Special 25-year anniversary editions of Blade Runner were released on 2007-12-18
  • The packages were available in DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray formats
  • The various packages included 2, 4, and 5 disk sets
  • Blade Runner: The Final Cut
  • BOOM! Studios began publishing a 24-issue comic book series titled: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • BOOM! Studios began releasing Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? comics in 6 hard cover (graphic novel) editions:
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 1 (2009-11-09)
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 2 (2010-05-04)
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 3 (2010-11-08)
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 4 (2011-03-07)
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 5 (2011-08-22)
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 6 (2011-11-11)
  • BOOM! Studios began publishing an 8-issue comic book series titled: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust
  • BOOM! Studios began releasing Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust comics in 2 soft cover (graphic novel) editions:
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep: Dust To Dust Volume 1 (2010-11-29)
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep: Dust To Dust Volume 2 (2011-03-07)

Blade Runner (Book #1)

Blade RunnerDo Androids Dream of Electris Sheep?Publisher's Promo: It was January 2021, and Rick Deckard had a license to kill. Somewhere among the hordes of humans out there, lurked several rogue androids. Deckard's assignment--find them and then... "retire" them. Trouble was, the androids all looked exactly like humans, and they didn't want to be found!

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Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human (Book #2)

Blade Runner2: The Edge of HumanPublisher's Promo: To Blade Runner Rick Deckard, the most important aspect of replicant Rachel's life is saving it. Soon, he learns that Pris, whom he executed in the movie, "Blade Runner", was not a replicant, but a human. That makes Deckard a murderer and now, a moving target. And the Tyrell Corporation, manufacturer of android technology, is mired in a conspiracy with deadly consequences.

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       hover your mouse pointer over the word 'HS' to reveal hidden text

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Blade Runner: Replicant Night (Book #3)

Blade Runner: Replicant NightPublisher's Promo: Acclaimed author K. W. Jeter adds another chapter to the adventures of Rick Deckard, the android-hunter hero created by SF legend Philip K. Dick and brought to life in the 1982 Ridley Scott movie. In the Los Angeles of the future, Deckard is in dire need of cash. To earn money, he consults on a movie adaptation of his hunt for the original replicants as seen in the film "Blade Runner". But when a living replicant and Deckard's former LAPD partner are slain, the movie fantasy becomes grimly real.

*** no spoiler section ***

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Blade Runner: Eye and Talon (Book #4)

Blade Runner: Eye and TalonPublisher's Promo: Fully authorized by the estate of Philip K. Dick and written by the author they felt best equipped to take forward the vision of one of the great names in SF, BLADE RUNNER 4: BEYOND ORION combines the dark imagery, paranoia, tension and pace of Dick’s original novel and the cinematic genius of Ridley Scott in a novel that takes the Blade Runner series into a new millennium.

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"Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner"

Future Noir: The Making of Blade RunnerPublisher's Promo: The 1995 release of the "director's cut" of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner only confirmed what the international cognoscenti has known all along--Blade Runner still rules as the most visually dense, thematically challenging, and influential SF film ever made. Future Noir offers the story of that triumph, providing readers with a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at the production of this innovative cult classic. Photos. Click to locate and purchase out-of-print books

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Graphic Novels)

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Usenet News

Blade Runner Movie Trivia

  1. Deckard's badge is B26354
  2. Deckard is never seen flying the spinner (except at the end of the 1982 movie release where he is with Rachael). When ever he is behind the wheel, he is always in a ground car.
  3. When the spinner is seen leaving the Tyrell building early in the movie, it looks like the ground is covered with trees. Los Angeles isn't the total waste land that we've been lead to believe.
  4. When Deckard takes a second glance at the photo of Rachael and her mother, for at least one second it looks like we are watching a movie clip rather than a still. Is this something that Deckard is imagining? Check out some BR FAQ's for more info on this.
  5. Theater Release vs. Director's Cut (only major differences are listed; check some of the FAQ's for minor differences and special sneak preview differences)
  6. The Blade Runner "police spinner" sound can be heard in the first Highlander movie when Nash is arrested leaving Madison Square Gardens.
  7. The following CRT displays are seen before liftoff of Gaff's spinner. The lower CRT display is also seen 2 years earlier in Ridley Scott's "Alien".

This screen is shown first in a blue background with the numbers rolling down one line every second

        ENVORON CTR          
 -   ...................   - 
 -   ...................   - 
 -   ...................   - 
 -   ...................   - 
 -   92886599 | 95654085   - 
 -   ...................   - 
 -   ...................   - 
 -   ...................   - 
                 24556   DR5 

Then this is shown in red...

         ENVORON CTR           
         24556   DR5          

Blade Runner Movie Observations and Anomalies

Note: There are many more anomalies than these (check the FAQs)

Anomaly Area 1:

Replicant (M) Des: LEON                 V.K.
NEXUS 6       N6MAC41717                96/W/9-3H
Incept Date: 10 APRIL., 2017
Func: Combat/Loader (Nuc. Fiss.)
Phys: LEV.A   Ment: LEV.C
Replicant (M) Des: BATTY (Roy)
NEXUS 6       N6MAA10816
Incept Date: 8 JAN., 2016
Func: Combat, Colonization Defense Prog.
Phys: LEV.A   Ment: LEV.A
Replicant (F) Des: ZOHRA
NEXUS 6       N6FAB61216
Incept Date: 12 JUNE., 2016
Func: Retrained (9 Feb,2018) Polit.Homicide
Phys: LEV.A   Ment: LEV.B
Replicant (F) Des: PRIS
NEXUS 6       N6FAB21416
Incept Date: 14 FEB., 2016
Func: Military / Leisure
Phys: LEV.A   Ment: LEV.B

  1. BATTY is the only replicant designated his last name
  2. LEON's model number is:
    N6MAC41717  (as charted in the movie)
    N6MAC41017  (correction from verbal question to Deckard)
    ||||||||++- Incept Year : 2017
    ||||||++--- Incept Day  : 10
    |||||+----- Incept Month: 4 (April)
    ||||+------ Mental      : C (low)
    |||+------- Physical    : A (high)
    ||+-------- Sex         : Male
    ++--------- Model Series: Nexus 6
  3. Only LEON has a V. K. (Voight-Kampff) designation since he was the only one of the off world replicants that received a V. K. test
    1. If "96/W/9-3H" represents the date of the test then we've found another error because the movie starts in November 2019
    2. Perhaps "96" is part of Holden's badge number (Deckard's badge number is B26354 so perhaps his entries would be prefixed with "54". Better double check Deckard's display the next time I watch the movie)
    3. The "W" could represent "Waste Disposal" which is where Leon worked at Tyrell.
    4. Since the off-world mutiny occurred "two weeks ago" (possibly October?) then the "9" couldn't represent the month in which Leon was hired.
    5. I assume that the "H" in the V. K. designation stands for Holden (the Blade Runner who ran this particular V. K. test). This could be the 3rd test of the visit.
  4. Fact #1: The movie starts in November 2019.
    Fact #2: NEXUS 6 Replicants only have a 4 year life span.
    1. BATTY is the oldest (Incept: 8-JAN-2016 makes him at least 46 months old) but already seems to be having some arthritis-like problems.
    2. We don't know if Batty dies in November, December or January, but Christmas preparations are never seen.
    3. If replicants live exactly 4 years (48 months) then Roy dies in January.
    4. PRIS is only one month younger than BATTY, but seems to be deteriorating in a different way. This may be evidence that the 48-month time limit is not exact.
    5. Since no visible problems can be seen with ZOHRA, we can probably assume "replicant age related problems" only begin after 41 months of life.
    6. On the other hand, all four replicants just mentioned are at Physical Level A, but Roy and Zohra
    7. PRIS's incept date was on St. Valentine's Day and is referred to as a basic pleasure model (I guess the Tyrell engineers were just clowning around that day). Bryant refers to her as "the fourth skin job" but some people actually hear "the foreskin job".
  5. If any incept dates would have been after September, would the model numbers have shifted to letters "A" to "C"? Obviously the Tyrell corporation didn't care about being Y2K compliant.
  6. With 4-year life spans these non-Y2K-compliant incept dates are not much of a problem. However Rachael's longer life could pose a problem.
  7. Leon is the dumbest (Mental=C), so why was he sent to infiltrate the Tyrell Corporation?

Anomaly Area 2:

When the Asian woman on Animoid Row looks into the electron microscope, she says "9906947XB71" but we can clearly see a segment of the serial number that reads "07XB".

Anomaly Area 3:

Statement #1 in Bryant's office:

Bryant: I've got four skin jobs walking around.

Statement #2 in Bryant's office:

Bryant: There was an escape in the off world colony 2 weeks ago. Six replicants. Three male and three female. They slaughtered twenty three people and jumped a shuttle. An aerial patrol spotted the ship off the coast. No crew. No sight of them. Three nights ago they tried to break into the Tyrell Corporation. One of them got fried running through an electrical field.

Statement #3 in street after Zohra's death:

Bryant: Four more to go. Come on Gaff.
Deckard: Three. There's three to go.
Bryant: There's four. There's that skin job you V.K.'d at the Tyrell Corporation. Rachael. Disappeared! Vanished. Didn't even know that she was a replicant. Something to do with a brain implant says Tyrell.


  1. Statement #1 is probably right. Especially if you listen to the tone of Bryant's voice change from the previous sentence. This is probably something that got fixed up in editing. Also, only four replicants are listed in the NEXUS specs sheet above.
  2. Statement #2 has got to be wrong. If you start out with six and one gets killed, then you are left with five. Since Rachael can't be counted because she was already on Earth, one replicant is missing. Only four are listed in the replicant specs sheet above. However, the book "Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human" does have explanation(s) for this apparent fubar.
  3. Statement #3 seems to corroborate Statement #1
  4. Some Blade Runner FAQ's put a different spin on this

Game Info + Links

Westwood Studios is the maker of a neat 4-CD Blade Runner game for Windows 95 and Windows NT. As of 99.04.30 it only costs $39.95. Interact on 140 scenes with over 70 characters including Rachael, Eldon Tyrell, Leon, and Sebastian. Buy some sushi at Howie Lee's. Talk to the oriental woman down on Animoid Row. Visit Chew at the Eye-Works on DNA Row. Fly the Spinner from location to location. Run the Voigt-Kampff machine to determine who is, and is not, a replicant. Run the ESPER machine to analyze crime scene photos. But try not to retire any humans by mistake! Click here to visit the original Westwood - Blade Runner Teaser pages set up by their marketing people.

"Philip Kindred Dick" Related Movies

A few "Philip K. Dick" Links

Blade Runner 2007-12-18

Blade Runner Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition

Blade Runner Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition
Available December 18, 2007 but you can pre-order now from
Available in three different flavors: DVD, HD-DVD (yippee), Blu-ray
(I think I can see a unicorn near the red disc)

I purchased the HD-DVD version but only three of the five discs were published in HD


Observations from 2007-12-18

These two items are from Disc-2: Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner
  1. From BLADE RUNNER Screenplay by HAMPTON FANCHER. July 24, 1980


    Okay, gimme a run-down on the
    three females.


    Nexus designated Mary: incept
    November 1 2017, domestic
    conditioning, non competitive,
    trained for day care position.



  2. Headlines from Deckard's newspaper while waiting for sushi
    (same newspaper is in Leon's top drawer; smaller details visible)
    W  The Independent Sentinel 


    World Wide Computer Linkup Planned

     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...
     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...
     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...

     too small to read... too small to read... too small...           Mysteries of the
     too small to read... too small to read... too small...           Universe to be Solved
     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...
     .. Medicines & Machines small to read... too small to read... too small to read...
     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...
     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...

     Drugs and   read... too small to read... too small to read... Women Lead
     ......Actors   read... too small to read... too small to read... Space Conference
     too small to read... too small to read... too small to read... too small to read...

  3. What Roy Batty was supposed to say just before death:

    I've know adventures, seen places
    you people will never see, I've
    been Offworld and back...frontiers!
    I've stood on the back deck of a
    blinker bound for the Plutition
    Camps with sweat in my eyes
    watching stars fight on the
    shoulder of Orion...




    I've felt wind in my hair riding
    test boats off the black galaxies
    and seen an attack fleet burn like
    a match point and disappear. I've
    seen it, felt it...!

  4. What Roy Batty says in one of his unused death scenes:

    The simple things.
    But no way to satisfy them.
    To be homesick with no place to go.
    Lots of little oversights.

  5. What Gaff says in one of his unused endings:

    You've done a man's job sir...
    But are you sure you're a man?

These items are from Disc-5: Pre-Release Workprint

REPLICANT \rep'-li-cant\n. See also ROBOT (antique):
ANDROID (obsolete): Nexus (generic): Synthetic human
with paraphysical capabilities, having skin/flesh culture.
Also, Rep, skin job (slang): Off world uses: combat, high
risk industrial, deep space probe. On-world uses prohibited.
Specifications and quantities - information classified.

Copyright 2016

My Speculations About "ESPER"

No where in any of the movies, books or web resources are we told what the word "ESPER" actually means.  Could it be police slang for a machine with ESP-like capabilities? Perhaps it is an acronym meaning "Electronic Scanning Photo Enhancing and Reporting".

In the world of "organic chemistry" specialists toss around an acronym which spells VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) but is pronounced "vesper". It is entirely possible that Ridley Scott, or one of his collaborators, asked some organic chemists for a few buzz words and they heard "vesper" but wrote down "esper". At least, that's my theory and I'm sticking with it until I hear something better or official.

Neil Rieck, 2010-May-08

Blade Runner Sequel is in the works


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