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Rieck Coat-of-Arms


from Vietlubbe, near Karbow, in the State of Mecklenburg, Germany

Coat-of-Arms (1922): There are ten (3:3:3:1) six—pointed gold stars on a blue shield. On the helmet feathered in blue and gold, is a single star between two blue bull horns. (See Siebelmacher Coat-of-Arms Book, Volume 5, 12, diagram 99.)

Evangelical. At Parchim, Siggelkow, Grebbin and Gischow in Mecklenburg, Tacken in the Priegnitz, Berlin, Preston and Kitchener in Ontario in Canada, Portland in Oregon, and Tacoma in the State of Washington, United States of North America.

The forefather of the lineage was Heinrich Rieck, born 1632. He arrived in Vietlubbe early in 1665 and probably came from Holstein, like his wife, Anna Wahlsen.

Likely there is a blood relationship of the Heinrich Rieck ancestry of Vietlubbe, with...

Andreas Rieck (born 1618) whose descendants still reside today in Darze, near Parchim, (Rieck Family II), and with...

Hans Rieck, (1660-1680) bailiff at Greven. Probably a blood relationship also exists with...

Christian Rieck, (born 1694) whose descendants still live today at Preddohl in the Priegnitz (Rieck Family III).

Records indicate that in 1703, Heinrich Rieck1, (born 1632) farmed at (lot?) No. 11, Vietlubbe, a place with a small cottage. In 1711 this land was in possession of his third son, Christian.2 In 1704 his eldest son, Carsten, still lived in Vietlubbe and worked as a hired hand, and by 1711 appears to have been owner of a half-hide of land at Plauerhagen, lot No. 6. His second son, Heinrich, was a sheep-herder at Dammerow and left Mecklenburg for the neighbouring Priegnitz, and there established the Rieck Family of sheepherders. His branch of the family still thrives today at Tachener, and Groez-Vankower. Hartwig, (our lineage) stayed in Vietlubbe, and Joachim was a farmer at Zarchlin, near Plauerhagen.

1 In the German text, Heinrich Sr. is referred to as a Halbbauer, which means a half-farmer, and Christian as a Halbhufner. In the Northern German dialect, a hufner is the owner of a hide of land, a hide being about 60 to 100 acres. So he either owned half the farm, or the whole farm in joint partnership.

2 In 1704 his half-holding was planted and yielded: 4, bushels rye, 4 bushels barley, 1/4 bushel peas, 4 bushels oats, 1/4 bushel flax, 2 loads meadow hay, 1/4 bushel garden C?); 1 house, 2 good horses, 2 good colts, 2 cows, 1 calf, 8 pigs, 3 piglets, 4 sheep, wages, R 13 (Reichmarks?), debts, R 20.

The property owned by the Rieck family in the 18th and 19th century at Vietlubbe, was two farmyards (the Rieck-Garnatz near the parsonage, and the Jakob corner piece) as well as the Rieck homestead, it being the only house that was not destroyed by the great fire of 1878.

The descendants of Rieck Family I, from Vietlubbe, were responsible for arranging the first Rieck Family Reunion in Koslin on June 4, 1921. (Hans Rieck of Koslin in Pommerania was the convener and host.)

The coat-of-arms (or crest) with the motto “Wi hollen tausamen” (meaning “We stick together”) was approved at the second Family Reunion on June 2, 1922, at Neustrelitz. (Note: The original motto is in the Mecklenburg dialect, as in proper High German it should be “Wir halten zusammen.”)

The chronologist at the gathering kept the records and history of the Reunion of the Rieck Family, which already contained several volumes. In it we find the name Rieck spelled in many different ways: Riecke, Rieke, Riche, Rike, Ryke, Rycke, Riek, Ryk, Ricke, Riccius, Ryche, Rickcius, rigghen, riktgen, Reich(e), Diwea, Diues, Dyues, Dywes, all of which are the past and present listings; (the last four are the Latin translation of Rieck.)

Annually since 1921, an edition of the family newspaper has been prepared of the Reunions of the Rieck Family registered in Koslin.

The name Rieck is the modern High German form of the name that was already in use before Germanic time, and originated from the root word “ricja,” which means rex (Latin for king.) We come across the Gallic source “rig” in the name Bojorix, in the Zimbern War. The German language has the word “reiks” meaning kings, and “reiki” meaning rich; also the root word “rica” as a noun, and “ricja” as an adjective.

The very old age for the basis of the name can also be verified in the modern High German. The name Theudoricus can be found in the first century; later the names Rihc, Rih, Richus, Righus.

It was from this that the High German proper names Rieck, Rick, Reich, etc. came into being. (See Forstemann, Old German Names Book, 1900.)

Rieck Family I, - Direct Family Tree of:
Friedrich Christian Heinrich Rieck (see generation: VIf)
who emigrated from Germany to Canada in 1873

  1. Legend: b. (born) d. (died) m. (married) V. (Vietlubbe) Ont. (Ontario, Canada)
  2. Berlin Ontario (while under virtual occupation by the British) is renamed to Kitchener Ontario in 1916.
Generations Details
Heinrich Rieck
(died age 92)
b... 1632, d. Vietlubbe, June 27, 1724,  occupation, half-farmer, at Place No. 11, Vietlubbe; m. Anna Wahlsen, b...1642, d... Children born at Vietlubbe near Karbow in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany:
IIa 1. Carsten, b. Oct. 28, 1668, d. 1704, (age 36, 5 children)
  2. Katharina, b. May 17, 1671, d..; m. Vietlubbe Oct. 12, 1690, to Jochim Frahme, b. 1659.
  3. Anna, b. Feb. 20, 1674, d. Vietlubbe June 6, 1721; m. Levin Havemann, b. 1663.
  4. Margaretha, b. Feb. 14, 1676, d...
IIb 5. Heinrich, b. Dec. 20, 1678, d. Feb. 7, 1726, (age 47, 5 children; Dr. Rieck’s ancestor.)
IIc 6. Christian, b. Nov. 8, 1681, d. Mar. 15, 1745, (age 63; 10 children)
IId 7. Hartwig, b. Oct. 24, 1684, d. Apr. 1, 1772, (age 87, 3 children)
IIe 8. Joachim, b. Dec. 13, 1687, d. Jan. 10, 1748, (age 60; 1 son)
IId  Hartwig Rieck
(died age 87)
b. Vietlubbe, Oct. 24, 1684, d. Apr. 1, 1772. Worked as a hired hand. Married twice; (a) to Marie Dorothea Schmalfeldt, at Vietlubbe Feb. 26, 1725; b., d. Vietlubbe Sept. 8, 1743; and (b) ? Stepnitz, Nov. 18, 1746, to M...E... Rasche, b., d., from Frehne. (By 1751 Hartwig was again a widower.)
Children born from 1st marriage at Vietlubbe:
  1. Christian, b. Feb. 22, 1727, d. Oct. 25, 1757 (age 30; not assigned a letter, no listing)
IIIg 2. Jakob, b. May 7, 1730, d... (2 sons)
  3. Marie Dorothea, b. Dec. 13, 1733, d...
IIIg  Jakob Rieck
(age not known)
b. Vietlubbe, May 7, 1730, d... Worked as a hired hand at Vietlubbe, herdsman at Dammerow; m. Vietlubbe Nov. 2, 1764 to Dorothea Schmalfeldt, b..., d. Oct. 24, 18C1. Sons born at Vietlubbe:
IVg 1. Christian Wilhelm, b. Aug. 16, 1765, d. Apr. 17, 1840, (age 74; 1 son)
  2. Heinrich Hartwig, b. Dec. 25, 1768, d. Jan. 9, 1769 (2 weeks)
IVg  Christian Wilhelm Rieck
(died age 74)
b. Vietlubbe, Aug. 16, 1765, d. Apr. 17, 1840; m. at Vietlubbe Nov. 19, 1807 to Margarethe Elisabeth Pape, b. Vietlubbe.., d..., daughter of Jochim Pape, landlord at Vietlubbe Son born at Vietlubbe:
Ve 1. Joachim Hartwig Christian, b. Nov. 22, 1808, d. March 15, 1883. (age 74; 11 children)
Ve Joachim Hartwig Christian Rieck
(died age 74)
b. Nov. 22, 1808, at Vietlubbe, d.  Mar’. 15, 1883. Owned a large farm at Vietlubbe, was a church elder. Married twice. (a) m. July 9, 1830, to Katharina Elisabeth Schlede, b. Vietlubbe 1812, d. Vietlubbe Dec. 6, 1849, daughter of Christoph Schlede, landlord. (b) m. Mar. 22, 1850, to Sophia Maria Dorothea Peters, b. at Siggelkow, near Parchim, d... (died 74; 11 children)
Children born at Vietlubbe. from 1st marriage:
VIc 1. Joachim Wilhelm Christian Theodor, b. Oct. 16, 1830, d. Oct. 13, 1899; m. Katharina Garnatz, June 9, 1859, b. Sept. 17, 1834, d. 1894, daughter’ of Johann Heinrich Garnatz, landlord. (age 69; 7 children)
VId 2. Johann (John) Christian Theodor, b. Oct. 28, 1832, d. at Juneau, Alaska, 1915. (age 83; 2 daughters, 3 sons; Heinrich, Johann and Wilhelm were married but childless; lived in U.S.A.
VI 3. Joachim Christian Heinrich Friedrich, b. Dec. 14, 1834, d...; emigrated to America. (no further recording; alphabet letter not assigned)
  4. Friederike Elisabeth Marie Dorothea, b. May 13, 1837, d. Vietlubbe June 3, 1837, (age 3 weeks)
  5. Marie Elisabeth Hanna Katharina, b. May 17, 1838, d. Jan. 21, 1840, (age 1 1/2 years)
VIe 6. Johann Joachim Christian (Jakob), b. Mar. 1, 1841, d...; emigrated to America; m.., b. d. (His son is Heinrich (Henry) farmer of R.R. #2, Preston, Ont.) Henrys (VIIg) children are:
(1. Elma Sabina, b. Oct. 1, 1884
(2. Ervin, b. Sept. 23, 1888 VilId
(3. Melinda, b. Jan. 15, 1891
(4. Harvey (Hartwig), b. Jan. 4, 1895 VIlle
(5. Milton, b. July 31, 1898 VIlif
(6. William Henry, b. May 5, 1900 VilIg
(7. Norman, b. Mar. 4, 1902 VIIIh
  7. Dorothea Christine Elisabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1843, d. Sept. 18, 1846, (age, almost 3 years)
VIf 8. Friedrich Christian Hëinrich, b. June 13, 1847, d. in Canada, Sept. 10, 1919, (age 72; 4 children)
VIg 9. Wilhelm Karl Heinrich, b. Aug. 26, 1849, d. Nov. 4, 1919, (age 70; 2 children)
Children born from 2nd marriage (1850):
  10. Marie Dorothea Hanna Elisabeth, b. Oct. 12, 1851, midwife at Siggelkow near Parchim; m. at Grosz—Pankow in Mecklenburg, May 9, 1879, to Heinrich Friedrich Johann Christian Niclas, b. Siggelkow, Sept. 29, 1851.
VIh 11. Friedrich Heinrich Dietrich Theodor, b. Vietlubbe May 20, 1854, d. at Kreien in 1925; m. Nov. 14, 1884 at Lubz to Friederike Luise Horn, b. June 23, 1865, daughter of Gottfried Joachim August Horn and Dorothea Kopke. (age 71; 7 children; 2 sons killed in war, I in Russia, 1915, 1 in France, 1917, both at age 20)
Note: Sons #8 and #11 were both named Friedrich. This is not a typo.
VIf Friedrich Christian Heinrich Rieck b. Vietlubbe, June 13, 1847; (died age 72) emigrated to Canada in 1873 d. Sept. 10, 1919; m. Feb. 28, 1873 (?) to Wilhelmine Friederike Marie Ilker, b. Wahlstorf near Siggelkow in Mecklenburg, in 1847; daughter of Johann Joachim Ilker, bricklayer at Darz, near Karbow. His farm extended from what today is Queen’s Blvd. to Westmount Rd. Later retired to David St. (between Roland and Schneider Ave.)
Children 1 and 2 were born at Vietlubbe near Karbow:
VIIh 1. Friedrich, b. Dec. 6, 1867 in Vietlubbe, d. Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. (Had 3 sons, Walter—Villi, Arthur—Vilik, and Raiph—Vilil) - for some reason, the letter j is not used.
VIIi 2. Wilhelm (William) Christian Theodor, b. July 21, 1873, in Vietlubbe, d. Berlin, Ont. Canada, Aug. 1, 1963; (age 90; 4 sons)
  3. Louida, b. Berlin, May , 1877, d. Nov. 19, 1969; m. Harry Rau, d. 1961; lived at 824 Queen’s Blvd., Berlin. (age 92; 5 children): Harry, Edna (Mrs. Fred Filsinger), Leonard, Wilbur, Olga (Mrs. G. H. Sprague).
  4. Wilhelmine (Minnie), b. Berlin, Oct. 31, 1885, d. July 30, 1967. Married twice: (a) ? Raddatz, (b) Edward Winterhalt. (age 81; no children)
VII-I Wilhelm (William) Christian Theodor Rieck b. Vietlubbe July, (died age 90) 21, 1873. Came to Canada at about 4 months of age; d. Aug. 1, 1963; m. Oct. 8, 1895, to Mary Heimbecker of Elmira, b. Jan. 23, 1871, d. Jan. 1, 1952 at age 80. He worked at Huck Glove Co. Ltd. They lived at 45 Park St., Berlin.
Children born at Berlin, Ontario:
VIII-L 1. Frederick Adam, b. Dec. 15, 1896
VIII-M 2. Oscar William, b. Aug. 8, 1904 Berlin, Ontario.
VIII-N 3. William Henry, b. July 27, 1907
VIII-O 4. Lorne John, b. May 15, 1914
VIII-M Oscar William Rieck 1 b. Berlin August 8, 1904, d. m. Kitchener May 9, 1924, to Louise Florence Oswald, b. Toronto Sept. 2, 1905, d. daughter of Gregory Oswald, b. Toledo, Ohio, and Charlotte Beadle, b. Aubur, Ont., April 22, 1875. Worked for the Kitchener Parks Board from 1921 until 1939; then to the Kitchener Police Department until his retirement in 1965 as a Sergeant. He was a small arms instructor and an expert revolver marksman.
Children born in Kitchener:
IX 1. Walter (Wally) Oscar, b. Feb. 05, 1925
IX 2. James (Jim) Bernhardt, b. June 06, 1926
IX 3. George Earl, b. Aug. 14, 1927
IX 4. Robert (Bob) William, b. Dec. 31, 1930
IX Walter (Wally) Oscar Rieck, b. Kitchener (Bridgeport) Feb. 05, 1925, d. Kitchener Oct. 1988, m. Kitchener June 05, 1948, to Lucile Ardell Schenk, b. Kitchener July 18, 1925, d. Kitchener Sep 6 2002, daughter of George Schenk, b. Wilmot Centre, Ont. June 1, 1881, and Gertrude Culhane, b. Hamilton, Ont. Sept. 7, 1881.
Children born at Kitchener:
  1. Neil Steven, b. Sept. 14, 1952, d. m. Kitchener April 29, 2006 to Mira Filo (originally from Czechoslovakia)
  2. Mavis Anita, b. June 7, 1955, m. Kitchener June 28, 1980, to Paul Leo Hicknell, b. Nov. 25, 1953, son of Leo Hicknell and Carolyn Strauss. Daughter: Emily Louise, b. March 13, 1982.
IX James Bernhardt Rieck, b. Kitchener (Bridgeport) June 06, 1926, d. 2004, m. Normanby, Ont., June 4, 1949, to Eileen Elizabeth Hollinger, b. March 8, 1927, d. , daughter of Noah Hollinger and Aifreda Kraft.
Children born at Kitchener:
  1. Ruth Ann, b. Sept. 22, 1951, d. m. Kitchener, July 26, 1975, to William Thomas Hargreaves, b. April 06, 1948, d... son of William and Mona Hargreaves. Daughter: Alison Elizabeth, b. Scarborough
  2. Bruce James, b. July 16, 1953, d... m. Nov. 4, 1981.
  3. Mark John, b. Sept. 04, 1957.
IX George Earl Rieck, b. Kitchener August 14, 1927, d. m. Roseville, Ont., June 7, 1947, to Margeurite (Marg) Estelle Veitch, b. Roseville, Jan. 06, 1927, daughter of Melville Veitch and Gertrude Fried.
Children born at Kitchener:
  1. Debra Louise, b. Oct. 12, 1951, d. Married twice: (a) Kitchener, Sept. 24, 1969, to Duncan Etherington; divorced; no children. (b) Kitchener, Feb. 2, 1974, to Nickolas Johannes Smits, b. Ors, Holland, April 14, 1954. Son: Clinton William, b. Oct. 05, 1977 Daughter: Nicolle Estelle, b. Oct. 28, 1979.
  2. Thomas Melville, b. May 25, 1957, d. m. Waterloo, Ont., Sept. 24, 1977, to Kimberly Ann Hergott, b. Apr. 23, 1958, d. daughter of Roy Hergott and Jane Rahn. Daughter: Alexis Lynn, b. Kitchener Apr. 25, 1982.
IX Robert William Rieck, b. Kitchener Dec. 31, 1930, d. 2002 m. New Dundee, Ont., Oct. 4, 1952, to June Elaine Eckstein, b. R.R. #1, Plattsville, June 20, 1933, daughter of Oliver Eckstein & Lucinda Rosenberger.
Children born at Kitchener:
  1. Julianne Elizabeth, b. June 11, 1955, d. m. New Dundee, Ont., June 10, 1978, to Robert Bruce Hull, b. April 12, 1955, d. son of Leeming and Margaret Hull. Son: James Douglas, b. Wiarton, Sept. 03, 1982.
  2. Constance Louise, b. March 5, 1958 X 3. Lynn Robert, b. Feb. 23, 1961.
  4. Crystal May, b. August 7, 1963.
VIII-L Frederick Adam Rieck, b. Kitchener, Dec. 15, 1896, d. Jan. 12, (died age 80) 1977, m. Kitchener, Sept. 18, 1930, to Nora Kennedy, b. June 11, 1901, d. Worked at Huck Glove Co. Ltd. Children born at Kitchener:
  1. Mary, b. July 25, 1931 (Mrs. Bertrum Hagedorn), R.R. #3, Bright, Ont. 2 sons, 1 daughter: Carson, Donna, Kevin.
  2. Donald C., b. April 17, 1934, m. Kitchener, to Shirley Elaine Klem. Live in Waterloo. 3 daughters: Wendy, Penny, Pammy (could this really be Tammy?).
  3. Elaine, b. Dec. 3, 1935 (Mrs. Eric Lawrence), Aldergrove, B.C. 3 daughters, 1 son.
  4. Audrey, b. Feb. 7, 1943 (Mrs. Dopglas Brighton), R.R. #1, Elmwood, Ont. 2 daughters, 1 son.
VIII-N William Henry Rieck, b. Kitchener, July 31, 1907, d. Married twice: (a) Irene Henry, Aug. 30, 1930; (b) Toronto, Ont., Feb. 16, 1946, to Martha Adams, b. Auburn, Ont., April 16, 1916, daughter of Thomas Adams and Florence Beadle. Worked for Uniroyal Tire & Rubber.
Children born to first marriage at Kitchener:
IX 1. Richard William Edward, b. July 05, 1931, m. Kitchener, July 25, 1953, to Madeline Riehl, b. Feb. 7, 1932, daughter of Arthur Riehl and Ida Randall; no children.
  2. June Louise, b. July 25, 1934 (Mrs. Raymond Pauhl), Kitchener 2 sons, 1 daughter: David, John, Catherine.
  Children born to William Henry & Martha (second marriage) at Kitchener:
  3. Sheila Ann, b. Jan. 29, 1948 (Mrs. Robert Lewandowski), Windsor, Ont. Daughter: Sarah.
  4. Sandra Louise, b. Nov. 29, 1950 (Mrs. Kenneth Lem), Scarborough, Ont. 1 son, 2 daughters: Adam, Julie, Emily.
IX 5. Timothy William (Rev.) b. June 23, 1955, m. Steinbeck, Man., Dec. 28, 1975, to Barbara Berg, b. Lanigan, Sask., daughter of Harold and Edna Berg. Living temporarily in Denver, Col. 1982—83.
Children born at Winnipeg:
  Joel Timothy, b. June 24, 1979.
  Troy James, b. March 4, 1981.
VIII-O Lorne John Rieck, b. Kitchener, May 15, 1914, d. m. Linwood, Ont., June 27, 1936, to Idella Louisa Newmaster, b. North Easthope, Ont., Jan. 29, 1910, daughter of Louis Newmaster and Olive Lanz. Worked at Huck Glove Co. Ltd.
Daughter born at Kitchener:
  1. Joan Olive, b. July 23, 1937, m. Kitchener, Oct. 16, 1965, to Douglas Peter Hube. Live Edmonton, Alberta. 2 daughters: Sharon Elizabeth and Susanne Louise.


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