Russell Roy: Bio

Comedian. Russell Roy is best known for his title as "The Bay Street Bad Boy."

Russell satirizes bureaucracy by impersonating industry experts, government officials, and employees. He has performed for many corporations, business associations, and at conferences.

In his corporate comedy act, Roy gives humorous "hoax" or "practical joke" speeches, allowing tension and confusion to rise, as he challenges authority by making authoritative, irreverent, and often confusing statements. Then he reveals his true identity and purpose (to entertain), much to the relief of the audience. The presentations run 30 to 45 minutes, and often end with a comedic "roasting" of high profile individuals in the organization.

Russell combines a sound knowledge of business and management issues, with a relaxed conversational style, and a warm, yet devilish personality.

He studied Business and Theatre at York University in Toronto, Improvisation at The Second City, and has been a working Stand Up comedian since 1995. He worked in Sales and Account Management at a large multinational firm before entering the speaking and entertainment business.

Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Russell is single and looking to mingle. He does however, have a huge mortgage to pay off, and 6 hungry children to feed, and could really use the money.

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