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The goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined

The + Section

Photo credits are to the subject with the following exceptions:

50 Ft. Queenie, photo by Nicole Aucoin

aLiCe, photo by Dan Schneider

Arantèle, photo by Cathy Brown

ariana, photo by Julian Grant

biogoth, photo by Andrea Dvorkin

Blue elf, photo by Warren Baird

cypher, photo by Astrid

GOTHIC39, photo by Jim Skipper Productions

Jola, photo by Dan Locke

Krockmitaine, photo by Hugues Leblanc

Malinda, photo by Jeff Olsen

moonglum, photo by Bill Krispel

Shekinah, photo by Phil Anderson

Sire Cédric, photo by Andy Julia

Sky Claudette & Vlad, photo by Sabastian Seal

SUZANNE, photo by Linda McRae

The + Section is composed of the 96 anonymous goths I interviewed. Below are the names they wanted to use, and some information about each. Not all respondents answered each of the 125 questions, the initial 13 of which included what is below. A ? mark indicates either no answer, or one I couldn't figure out. These questions were asked in 2001 and 2002. Any of The + Section can email me and I will update the info below. Otherwise consider it a bit dated.

Name Gen Age Born/Dwell Education Occupation # of yrs goth Sexuality Religion Then/Now Artistic
50 Ft Queenie F 31 B/D Toronto, Canada BA bilingual cust service 11 Hetro Catholic/Agnostic Writing
aLiCe M 22 B-Milwaukee, WI BA Sr. VP retail 9 Hetro Pagan Clothing Design
Amanda F ? R-Massachusettes MA CEO of band 10 ? Catholic/Same Music
angel F 43 B-Birmingham, AL Some C college admissions Life Hetro Baptist/non-denom Club Promotion
Angel in PVC F 17 B-Finland/D-Scotland HS university student Forever Bi Lutheran/None None
angelus M 17 D-Colorado HS Retail 11 Gay Wiccan Poetry
Arantèle F 38 D-Montreal, Quebec MA Admin Asst ? Bi ? None
ariana F 40 B-New Orleans BA author/tarot reader 20 Hetro Writing Psychic
Azazelle F 53 B-California BFA Artist Life Hetro Ambivalent Photography
Billy MOD M 35 B-Hong Kong/D-Manitoba Post Grad Dentist 5 Hetro None Writing
biogoth M 33 B-Houston/R-Denver BS Math biotech software eng. 13 Hetro Atheist/Agnostic Writing/Photography
Blue elf F 24 B-Toronto/D-Montreal College Grad professional singer 6 Poly Norse pagan Music
C.B. F 34 D-Buffalo Some C secretary 11 Bi Catholic/Falun Dafa DJ
Calhoun M 24 B-Miami/D-Georgia BA media specialist 6 Hetro Pagan Singing/Dancing
Calista Waterwoods F 19 D-Hull, Quebec Some C retail sales 8 Bi Catholic/Native Magic Painting
Candy Derakh F 18 D-Tulsa, OK Some HS Business 2 Bi Pentecostal/Christian Photography
Cemetery Crow M 45 B-Gaspesie, QC Partial MA hospital orderly 7 Bi Catholic/Buddhist Photography/soap making
Chad M 20 D-Illinois Some HS News 6 Hetro Christian/None Pottery/Poetry
creepy F 18 D-California Post HS Student 4 Bi Catholic/Atheist Painting/Writing
Crucifixia F 28 D-Memphis, TN Some C Mother 11 Hetro Unitarian DJ
cypher M 32 B-DC/D-MI PhD University Professor 12 Hetro Jewish/Same Music
Daevina F 21 B-N.Carolina/D-Queens, NYC Some C Student 9 Hetro Catholic/Agnostic Occultist Jewelry Making
daoine o' F 38 B-Kalamazoo/D-Denver C grad Student 20 Hetro Satanist Poetry
Davis F 16 B-Edmonton, AL Some HS Restaurant worker 3 Bi None Music/Poetry
Deacon Syth M 29 B-England/D-Canada Some U DJ/waiter/radio host 11 Hetro None/Vampirism Drawing/Writing
Deadly F 19 B/D-Pennsylvania HS admin assistant 4 Bi My own Painting/Writing/Design
Decaying Ivy F 15 B/D-New Jersey in HS Student A few Yrs. Bi Wiccan Jewelry Design
DJ Caluna F 33 B-Bremen/D-Berlin, Germany Post Grad Screendesigner/DJ 19 Hetro Protestant/My Own Graphics
DJ Ladybee F 29 B-N. Dakota/D-Boston, MA Partial MA theater costume mgr 12 Bi Atheist Costumes/Wigmaker
Dusk F 34 B/D-Siognius, Belgium Univ Degree teacher 17 Hetro Atheist Singing
Elusis F 28 B-Indiana/D-Denver,CO PhD family therapist 7 Bi Methodist/Agnostic/Pagan Singing/DJ
Emily Bronte F 27 D-Toronto U Degree writer/jewelry design 10 Hetro Pagan Poetry/Jewelry Design
GOTHIC39 M 40 B-Venezuela/D-Houston HS airlines customer ser 19 Hetro Free Spirit ?
GothicBeauty F 16 B/D Spokane, WA in HS student 2 Hetro None Drawing
Gothikka F 33 D-Canada ? Website Admin 9 ? Pagan oriented ?
Gypsy F 18 B/D-California Some HS tattoo artist/dancer 4 Bi Christian/Pagan Theater/Tattoo Artist
Hardrock Llewynyth Trans 30 B/D-Seattle,WA Some C ISP tech support Life transgen bi Charismatic Christian/Christian Photography/Writing
Individuation F 25 B-Illinois/D-Chicago, IL MA High School teacher 8 Hetro Jewish/Same Music/Poetry/Singing
jain doe F 16 B-Idaho/D-Houston in HS Student 2 Hetro Mormon/? Painting/Photography
Jennie ? 28 B-England/D-Glasgow Self-Employed Fashion Life Bi Athiest Writing
Jetgirl F 46 D-Chicago Some C graphic artist 20+ Bi Atheist Performance Art
Johnny Formaldehyde M 18 B-Utah/D-Oklahoma City In C Student/Sales Associate 5 Gay Mormon/My own Clothing Design/Collage
Jola F 27 B-Poland/D-Chicago MA Lease administrator 3 Bi Agnostic ?
Kate F 25 B-Iowa City,IA/D-Boulder,CO BA Web designer 7 Bi My own/Pagan Poetry/Music
Katwoman F 33 B-S. Carolina/D-Pennsylvania PhD research scientist 12 Hetro Baptist/Buddhist-Wiccan Calligraphy/Jewelry
Krockmitaine M 40 B/D-Montreal, Quebec webmaster 19 Hetro Catholic/Zen Buddhist ?
Lestat de Lioncourt M 24 B/D-Manila, Philippines BSc assistant supervisor 17 Bi Wiccan ?
LiFreak ? 11 B/D-California grade 6 Student 1 ? ? ?
Lisiblac F 30 B-New Jersey/D-Toronto PhD lecturer/PhD student 16 Hetro None/Agnostic Photography/Music
Lord Madd M 37 B/D-NY state Some U graphic artist 37 Celibate Jehovah's Witness/Same Music/Poetry
Madame X F 35 B-Portugal/D-New Jersey Some C multicultural ad asst. Life Bi Catholic/Dark Pagan Writing
Malinda F 23 B-Phoenix/D-Denver Some U software engineer 12 Bi My own Dancing/Singing
Marcelous M 14 B-Alberta/D-Edmonton,AL in Jr. HS student 1 Hetro Wiccan Drawing/Poetry
Medea F 36 B-upstate NY/D-Buffalo,NY BA corporate trainer 16 Bi Episcopalian/Spirituality Poetry/Drawing
Micah F 31 D-Hollywood, CA Some C self employed 17 Hetro Christian/Same Graphics/Woodworking
Miss Lynx F 39 B-Michigan Partial MA web designer Life Lesbian/Bi Wiccan Music/Writing/Theater
Mistress Hades F 32 B-Mass/D-London, UK C grad organizer fetish nites 18 Hetro Seventh Day Adventist/Occultist Sewing/Painting
moonglum M 29 B/D-New Jersey Some C retail sales Life Bi Lutheran/Thelemic Music
morbius F 21 B-Houston/D-Nashville HS Sales Life Hetro Wiccan ?
museumbitch F 37 D-Sweden Partial MA archivist 7 Hetro Neo-Pagan/Taoism Lace Making/Quilting
Mylucretia F 27 B-Canada/D-California Comm C self-employed 12 Hetro Agnostic Writing
Nadia F 26 D-Birmingham, UK BSc college teacher 14 Hetro None Musician/Songwriter
Nevermore M 21 B/D-Pennsylvania In C Student 6 Hetro Catholic/Atheist Screenwriting/Graphics
Nimue F 15 B-Holland/D-Kiev, Ukraine In HS student 2 Hetero Wiccan Music/Poetry
Paola F 33 B-Bari, Italy/D-Milan, Italy U Degree freelance translator 15 hetero Catholic/None Drawing//Embroidery
pink spider F 27 B/D-Pasig City, Philippines BSc web designer 10 Bi Catholic/My own Drawing/Photography
Prosthetic God M 20 B/D-New Zealand In U Student 5 Hetro Non-church Godf belief/Fatalist Graphics
RaVeN F 16 B/D-Charleston, WV In HS Student 6 Bi Wiccan Photography/Musician
Ravenheart F 42 B-New Orleans/D-Florida BA Art Director 32 Hetro Catholic/My own Drawing
Reynaldo M 29 B/D-Lima, Peru Some U Marketing Admin 7 Hetro Catholic/Same Music/Writing
rinaedin F 18 B/D-Texas HS dispatcher 2 Gay Wiccan Radio DJ
Rois F 27 D-San Francisco area Some C web/photo editor ? Hetro Jewish-Christian/Pagan Writing/Poetry
Sage F 14 B/DFrederick, MD In Jr. HS student 4 Bi Pagan Writing
Sally F 38 D-Montreal, QC, Canada Some C Artisan 22 Hetro Agnostic & Buddhist Jewelry Design/Sewing
Samael M 30 B-Stratford,ON,Canada C Artist 11 Hetro None Painting/Wire Sculpture
Shekinah F 25 D-New Zealand BA Unemployed designer Always Bi None/Wiccan Poetry/Painting
Silver Moon F 27 B/D-Venice, Italy HS Music student 10 Hetro Agnostic Music
Sire Cédric M 27 B/D-Toulouse, France C Journalist 10 Hetro Satanist/Vampirism Writing/Photography
Sky Claudette F 27 D-New York City Some HS performance artist Always Hetro Catholic/Pagan-Vampirism Performance Art
Slave1 F 26 B-Chicago/D-Denver Comm C Admin assistant 13 Hetro Catholic/My own Drawing/Fashion Design
SUZANNE F 25 B/D-Australia BA Shop owner 7 Hetro None Clothing Design/Writing
TankBoy M 35 B/D-Redneck Land Partial C CEO info security 17 Hetero/poly None/Wiccan-Pagan Graphics
Taoist M 33 B/D- United Kingdom U degree Technical director 8 Hetero Anglican/Philosophical Taoism Music/Decor/Writing
The Crow M 27 B/D-Zurich, Switzerland U degree Finance 13 Hetero Catholic Painting
the evil one F 14 D-Vermont In Jr HS Student 1 Bi Wiccan & Baptist ?
Thyssen M 23 B/D-Nordrhein-Westfalen, Ger In C Student 10 Hetero Atheist Writing/DJ
Tristan F 28 B-Cleveland/D-Denver BA Bookseller/fire fighter 12 Lesbian Celtic Paganism Theater (technical)
VampirMike M 35 B-Esssen/D-Koblenz,Germany Some HS Store clerk 17 Hetero Catholic/My own ?
Vena Cava F 46 D-Memphis, TN BA Medical transcriptions Always Hetero Baptist/Christopagan syncretist Music/Painting
Vile F 16 B/D-British Columbia,Canada In HS Student 8 Hetero Pagan Sculpting/Singing/Poetry
WantonBlood F 28 D-Lake Tahoe, CA U degree ? ? Hetero Christian/Same Poetry
White Raven F 29 D-California MA Elementary teacher 10 Hetero Epicopalian/None Drawing
Xefiel F 19 D-Montreal, Quebec In U Student 5 Bi Catholic/My own Writing/Music
XjUsTcRuCifyX F 16 B/D-South Carolina In HS Student 2 Bi Baptist/My own Stencilling/Murals
Zerstoerte F 24 B/D-Toronto, Canada Some C Medical receptionist 11 Hetero/Bi Catholic/My own Writing