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Keep checking this space.  There will be changes where pictures from (many?) years ago might appear.  You never know... when you least expect it.......... We've added a couple since it started and expanded to a second and third page.  A fourth page with some photos from the Middle East is the latest upload along with photos from our 35th Wedding Anniversary.


This first picture comes from Dec 26, 1978.  We got smoked out of the garage with the BBQ at Clay & Mary Leblanc's in Bon Accord Alta. bbq_1.jpg (19459 bytes)
boot.jpg (53737 bytes) There's always a rousing game of "Boot" whenever the Gallagher clan gets together
New babies always attract "different" people.  Bob Boire with Kurtis bob.jpg (63648 bytes)
bev_nancy.jpg (49837 bytes) Work was hard at Central Region Headquarters.  Bev & Nancy enjoying a sunny day on the Bay of Quinte. I guess that's all behind Nancy now.
A normal day in the office at Air Command HQ. Ed Arsenault, Boyd Gilby, Jean Mallais, Russ Francis, Bob Therrien, Rod Frankum, Harry Friesen "cruising" the Red River. In the "cockpit" with the hat is Mark Matheson. redriver.jpg (15738 bytes)
jim.jpg (48320 bytes)

Started flying in 1974.  The Long Range Trainer with 426 Sqn took us through Hawaii.  This is Jim Verth on Waikiki.  He'll have to relate the memories of this stop.

This one goes back to 1969 in Jasper Park.  We were on our way to Vancouver for a holiday.   Quite a difference 30 years makes.

jasper.jpg (68033 bytes)
The plan is still to put some collections on another server when I get them all scanned.. In the mean time, there are a couple more on the next page.

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