New Ortin UI graphics files

Added New Everquest default color

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posted: November 10 2003

New ClericPointer from AYA CLR UI

Ver 1.4

updated for September OOW patch

see more interfaces by Kanon

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This Mod have been reworked to work with OrtinUI

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posted: February 12, 2004

details here

Update for September 16, 2004

Ortin's UI for Everquest Ver 7.1

Sorry but this will be the last update for OrtinUI.

Check in updates for what files are new in OrtinUI files and Ortin UI graphic files

This UI is base off of

New player window by Boanerges

Cairenns Horizontal Buff Window

Vanje UI

Leo_ICE graphics

Etasi's spell icons v1

T.King Art Spellbook

New Ortin UI

Converted my old UI to work on the new beta files and graphics. this is still the look of the old UI, but your have more colors to pick from.

New mana number addition added to player window by Boanerges

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posted: July 12, 2003

New 3 Tab Panel for bottom of UI

is up and ready for


3 Tab window with stats, backpack and inventory, comes with a program to edit the 20 slots .

Look here

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