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First I must say I have a disability that I am still coming to terms with, it takes a lot out of me and sometimes I can't update my pages as often as I like.  I was a computer technician who has been living in Petawawa since 1960, formerly employed with the Catholic School Board (until they laid off their technicians in 2003).  About the same time as my disability was reaching it's peak.  Things have gone from bad to worse since that time.

I am a graduate of the 2 year Business Administration and 1 year Computerized Business Systems courses at Algonquin College and have done some instructing at the Pembroke Campus in Computer Programming, Systems, Communications, Networking, and the Internet.

I was an army-brat, and spent most of my childhood days at CFB Petawawa growing up in the 60's and 70's.  After leaving school I started work at the base  as an ammunition worker until the early 90's.   I developed an interest in computers and technology in the early 70's and followed it's growth through to the present.  I am a self confessed geek when it comes to technology.

Photography and digital photography has always been a passion of mine especially of natural scenes.  The photos you see on this site are not in the highest print quality, but are more than suitable for the web.  I am offering prints for sale and will be creating a page in the near future for the commercial side of this.  In the mean time you can email me at the address below if you are interested in any of the photographs that appear on my pages.  Most can easily be printed at 14 x 17, though I only print at a maximum of 8.5 x 11 preferred 8 x 10 inches.

I have been photographing local scenery since the early 70's and will eventually post some samples from my earlier collections as soon as I get around to scanning them.  Most of my pictures are of wildlife, the Petawawa, Ottawa, and Barron Rivers, and in the last couple of years of lightning and weather formations.  I used to canoe through many of the rivers and lakes in the county, there is nothing like the early morning quiet and the stillness of the water as you paddle your way through many of the waterways in Renfrew County.

I also enjoy web page design, my philosophy in that respect is "keep it simple" so without all the bells and whistles this is one of my sites.  I have to say, I don't think that the Petawawa area has been promoted on the internet as much as it should be.  The entire Renfrew County has a natural beauty that is often overlooked.  From the Barron River Canyon in Algonquin Park, to the many beaches on the rivers and lakes in the county.  If you have any suggestions for future sites or pictures you would like to see, comments, or requests drop me a message.



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