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April 8th sunrise from the point


Spotted a couple of  Turkey vultures on the 7th (above)


Cedar waxwings, Goose landing, Chicks, Blue heron taking off

June 1st and 3rd sunrises
Cedar Waxwing

May 26th sunrise from the point

Springtime at Lovers on the Petawawa River

IMPORTANT!!! Take a look now it may not be here forever, there's a proposal to build up to two dams on the Petawawa River, the primary plan would reroute the river and this area would be gone.  Gone would be the nesting area for Great Blue Herons, and several other water birds. Gone would be the Catwalk swimming area, everything from the railroad bridge to the Golf Course Rapids.  Visit this site for more information, get involved.


Recent pictures below

September 20th, 21st sunrises.

A couple of deer empty my feeders each morning and evening.

18 August sunrise


Recent sunrises and wildlife

Started off with a comorant (not shown) Moose on the road, porcupine, broad winged hawk (not positive on the identification), northern flicker, and always squirrels about.

Recent wildlife

August 4th sunrise
Heron and Cormorant spotted this morning and of course always gulls.

July 28th and 27th sunrises

Recent pictures below

Patio pictures May 3rd

April 18th sunrise from the point

Recent pictures below

February 29th sunrise from the point.

February 24th sunrise below.

Lunar Eclipse a couple of nights ago, best I could get with my camera.

Pictures from November below.

Some recent photos below.

My daily visitors to the feeders.


September 10th sunrise from the point.

Recent wildlife and sunrise picures below..




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