Northern Lights

Energy Systems Ltd.

Quality: Reliability in our products is very important to us, and the cheapest product may not be your best choice. We have become accustomed to reliable electricity, so repeated failures are not acceptable for our business or our customers.

Local Service: Some times even the most well designed and best products fail. If a problem does occur, as a local dealer we have the skills and the test equipment required to diagnose and correct the problem. We can often provide replacement parts to get the system back into service quickly.

Design: We design based on information provided to us about your power usage. The result is a reliable system delivered at an affordable price. Each situation is carefully reviewed, and recommendations are made for not only the system, but where improvements can be made in more efficient appliances. Because of the effort put into a design, the price quote is free for the entire system, but detailed load analysis and
component lists are billed for the hours spent.

Service Area: Our service area is determined by the travel time.

Tip: Keep in mind that heating and cooling consume large amounts electricity. For every dollar that you spend on energy efficient appliances it will reduce the cost of your power system by $2 to $3.