Northern Skye

Welcome to the NorthernSkye home page. This site is an opportunity to share my Skyes with others. They have made my life very interesting!! That's me Sylvia with "Ghillie" and "Tartan" as a puppy.
I have been involved with purebred dogs since 1972. Originally I had German Shepherd Dogs. My kennel is named after a lovely dog I had from California - Ch.
Schatzmar's Skye Of Lorien CD.  I was very active in conformation, obedience and tracking with my German Shepherds.
At a show I fell in love with a breed I had never seen before - a Borzoi. This was an exquisite dog owned by Dr. Richard Meen of Kishniga kennel fame. I eventually
owned two Borzoi and enjoyed conformation showing with them.
Many years later I again met Dick at a show and he had several Skyes with him. I became quite intrigued by them and by the end of the show had expressed a
great desire to have one live with me. Several months later Dick let me know he had a litter and was I still interested. "Ghillie" (Can Ch. Kishniga's HMS NorthernSkye)
entered my life and things were never the same again !!!
When Ghillie was 1 1/2 years old I mentioned to Dick that at some point I would love another Skye and -voila- "Tartan" (Can Ch. Kishniga's HMS Forever Plaid)
came to live with us.
Two years ago "Emily" (Kishniga's HMS Spice Girl) joined our growing "clan"
If you are interested about learning more about Skyes please check out the Skye Club of America website for more information