Not Named After My Wife Linda
Backyard in the spring
I am a retired professor from the University of Toronto where I taught organic chemistry; courses rarely loved and often dreaded by undergraduate students. I live on a 10-acre property just outside the city of Guelph, located about 50 km west of Toronto. I plant aboout 1200 seedlings a year and focus on brightly-coloured flowers, especially reds, purples and yellows. Of late my focus has been on toothy flowers. I try to keep my garden to a size that allows me to water and weed by hand as needed. I make my own compost out of leaves and grass, occasionally supplemented with horse and Ilama manure. I also vermicompost so that I can continue to compost during the winter. I use my greenhouse primarily to make seeds in the winter and I shut it down during the summer. My wife, my high school sweetheart, is completely uninterested in gardening, a bonus for our relationship.