GHOSTS IN THE ATTIC (Georges, 2018), [(Lace Cookies x Arctic Lace) x Arctic Thunder], Tet., Sev., ML, 6" flower, 33" scape , 3-5 way branching, bc 18-21. A white flower with pinkish undertones, more pronounced with the sun behind it, and a heavily ruffled pale yellow edge. A small vivid green throat completes the flower. I will say this about all my introductions this year: a flawless flower. Tall scapes that vary from 3-way branching to 5-way branching. Early morning opener and both pod and pollen fertile. $125 sf
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WISHING ON A STAR (Georges, 2018), [(Joan Derifield x Guns of Navrone) x (Not Named After My Wife Linda x 09013 sdlg)], Tet., Sev., ML, 7-7.5" flower, 31"scape, 3-4 way branching, bc 18-22. A large flower with close to satin red sepals, a pinkish watermark and finished off with a vivid green throat. What you see is what you get with this flower. The flowers are consistently blemish free to the point I was going to name the daylily Flawless but that is a hard name to live up to. Fertile both ways but a difficult, although far from impossible, pod parent. One of my favourite flowers in the garden because of its vivid colour and large size. $100 df
MOONBEAMS IN A JAR (Georges, 2018), [(Lace Cookies x Arctic Lace) x Dr. Celia Stump], Tet., Sev., 5.5" flower, 29" scape, 3-4 way branching, bc 16. A pale yellow flower accented with a perfect combination of a heavily ruffled edge adorned with lots of teeth and a pronounced vivid green throat. An excellent early morning opener in contrast to its famous parent Dr. Celia Stump. Pollen is very good but pods take a bit of work. Another flawless flower and one of my favourites. Limited in quantity. $125 sf
PHANTOM FANGS (Georges, 2018), (Skin of my Teeth x Venus Fly Trap), Tet., Sev., 5.5 " flower, 37" scape, 3-way branching, 18 bc. A flower with burgundy sepals, a smoky blue water mark and finished off with a vivid green throat. The sepals have a white edge adorned with white teeth. The teeth are more pronounced in warmer weather and the name reflects this characteristic. I love this flower. The combination of the colours and the sepal edges is just about perfect. Easily fertile both ways. $150 df

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