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HALLOWEEN HAVOC, (Georges, 2017), Dumbledore x Crazy Ivan, Tet., Sev., 5", 26", 3-way branching, bc 16-18. A distinctive flower with a very dark reddish/brown eye, a complementary edge, a yellow background and a tiny green throat. The sepals are large with broad rounded tips. The bold colours of this flower allow it to stand out in the garden. Flowers are very consistent and are not adversely affected by sun or rain. I am tempted to say it is one of my favourite flowers but, honestly, all my introductions this year fit into the category of being my favourite. Pollen is fertile but I have yet to set a pod in full sun. $100 DF
VAMPIRE FANGS, (Georges, 2017), Men in Black x Wild Hair, Tet., Sev., 5.5", 27", 3-way branching, bc 14-16. What you see is what you get. A dark purple flower adorned with a purplish/white midrib, white teeth and an impressive green throat. Holds up quite well in the sun but the occasional flower will show some thrips damage, especially if the weather is hot and dry. Fertile both ways; will set pod quite easily. I have lined out this plant as single fans. Any increase, not guaranteed, will be included. I normally would price this daylily higher but I am pricing it at $150 since I can not guarantee more than a single fan at this time.
THE GIFT OF GIVING, (Georges, 2017), Rosy Complexion x Seedling, Tet., Sev., 5.5", 28", 3-4 way branching, bc 14-16. A bright red flower with a pinkish watermark and a green throat. Rosy Complexion, introduced by John Rice, is an excellent parent for giving clear, bright coloured, flowers. Flowers are blemish free and very consistent. If you want a bright, cheerful flower in your garden this is the flower for you. It will not disappoint. Fertile both ways and one of my most heavily used reds. $100 DF
VIVACIOUS VIXEN, (Georges, 2017), Not Named After My Wife Linda x 09013 seedling, Tet., Sev., 7.5", 42", 3-4 way branching, 20-22 bc. A large red flower with a large distinct light watermark finished off with a green throat. The scapes are tall, actually ranging between 39" and 44", and readily show off the beautiful flowers they carry. Fertile both ways but setting pod in full sun does take patience. $100 DF
SEDUCTIVE EYES, (Georges, 2017), Candy Candy x Works For Me, Tet., Sev., 5.75", 29", 3- way branching, 16-18 bc. Seductive Eyes has a dark bright wine-red eye with a corresponding pronounced bubbly edge accented with a small green throat. The parents of Seductive Eyes were both bred and raised in Ohio. The flowers stand up well in full sun and are consistently blemish free. Another flower that just demands your attention in the garden. Fertile both ways and promising to be a great parent. $125 DF