I grow my daylilies with no chemical additives other than those that occur in the homemade compost I make from shredded leaves, grass, discarded daylilies and the occasional truck load of horse and Lama manure. My well water has a pH of 7.8 that I adjust to 5.5 with nitric acid or ammonium sulfate when I need to water the gardens with my well water due to a lack of rain. (My rain water has a pH of 4.6, typical for this region.)


Introductions will be available for shipping about the beginning of May, the exact time depending on the weather. Shipping costs in Canada are $15 Can. for first plant and $2 for each additional plant.


For US customers daylilies can be picked up at the Can-Am meeting in Toronto, May 5-6, 2017. A plant inspector will be present to provide a phytocertificate at no additional cost. Otherwise, I can mail the daylilies from Canada at a cost of $20 USD for the phytocertificate and $25 USD for shipping.


I can be reached at: ohbehave@sympatico.ca