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The Judgement Day Archives - Andrei Moscovit ( Yigor Efimov ) - ISBN 0-916515-45-1 PG3479.F4918913 1988

Dodd's Almanac Dodd's Kidney Pills Advertisement

Almanac by patent medicine company from 1934 - mostly ads for their products - moon phases and household hints too.

"Folksy" self-published book called Thos. W. Jackson Catches a Fish and Tells about it, only other example I've seen in a Japanese library catalog... sort of like Will Rogers only way more 'ethnic' humour....

Like This

Caption: "Go on Gal, or I'll bounce you so hard on the head I'll kill that rat. I'll hit you so hard you'll go into a long tunnel"
"Nigger, if you ever starts anything with me you'll be ridin' in a parade tomorrow, you won't know nuffin' about"

And That
Caption: "Dit you say you vas a frient of mine? You sait, ve vas to share everything equal."
"Vel, din't ve? Didn't I lent you mine skates half of the time?"
"Yes, all sommer."
"Ven you fell ofer board, didn't I trow you de anchor?"

Not sure if these are supposed to be Jews or Dutchmen......

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