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I freelance for the Toronto Star and Ottawa Sun but I've also published in English, French and err... Icelandic..... for other media, including Radio-Canada, Cite Libre, Saturday Night, NPR in the States, Interview ( Yeah, the one in New York..... OK, only in the letters to the editor section but still NEW YORK, EH!) and errrr....Morgunblağiğ yeah Morgunblağiğ , the leading paper in Reykjavík, Iceland, and, hmmm... oh yeah.... Indian Time , a newspaper published in the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne. And..... I review books for Joe Bob Briggs
Always looking for ideas or assignments.
Even do weddings.
Or walk your dog.

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NEW! A story about the blackout of August 2003.

Woooo, go see this before Amazon takes it down...... very funny reviews of a Family Circus book.... Oppps, too late, they did spike the funny reviews......but I saved some.. click here to go there.......

The king called up his jet fighters
He said you better earn your pay
Drop your bombs between the minarets
Down the Casbah way

Damn, we need Joe Strummer's despairing wail right about now....

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This is a CD you can only get from Ralph (see below) at It has Celtic Cross, an instrumental by the late BB Gabor, who committed suicide in 1990. Ralph found it on a cassette demo tape that Gabor might have done with Todd Rundgren.

October 7, 2001 - Question for Today: Why does Bush only read the letter from the little girl who thinks it's OK for her dad to be sent to war?

Russian Lesbians Rule!
Tatu on Jay Leno

Russian Pop Group Tatu on Jay Leno

Yes, the shirts said "Fuck the War" or more literally, Penis to War, in Russian.

"Brightness Behind the Masks"
Girls in Masks
There is a panic in HK right now about SARS, an infectious disease that causes pneumonia, that seems to have started in Canton and spread through S. E. Asia. It has killed three people in Canada.

".....a Commerce City man found what authorities believe is a severed human penis inside a bottle. "I thought somebody was joking at first, but it's not a joke," said Juan Sanchez-Marchez, 41.......Police .... said Sanchez-Marchez isn't missing any of his own body parts and appears to be an innocent victim."
- Ryan Morgan
Special to The Denver Post Saturday, September 29, 2001

It turned out to be mold. There is an interesting photo with this story.

Now for a bigger joke....................

Split President

Here's why you should always check how your webpage looks in all browsers...

This is from GWB's official reelection website, as seen by IE:

Bush normal
And as seen by Opera:

Bush split in two

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Save World from nuclear destruction
Call Porky Schneider

Actual entry for Oct 6, 1999

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Recently I did research on a book that my friend Bill Schiller did called Hand in The Water - history of Albert Walker, who police say disappeared from Canada with millions of small time investors money and then assumed another man's identity in England - he latered murdered his alter ego....... also was posing as the husband of his own daughter, who had two children....... If you want to know more... write to me - I've got copies.....


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Stuff about my trip to Japan ---- click here .......

first sound of the century

pieces of ice in wind and waves in the St. Lawrence on a warm evening January 1, 2000. Click here for wav file

the sound of trees

I recorded this in the Arboretum at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada - The Scotch Pines were opening their cones in the spring sunshine around the end of March, and making a very loud popping noise that could be heard from 30 feet away. Unfortunately it's right next to an airport.
Click here for pop wav file


Business Stories

  • Black Ice Detector Developed - Black ice, which forms on roads in ccolld weather and is very hard to see but is very slippery causes deadly accidents - now a detector is being test marketed.

  • Hemp growing for profit in Ontario Hemp, a variety of cannibis which does not get you high like marijuana, is being grown in Ontario in a test to see if the industry can reestablish itself.

  • Car runs on Vegetable Oil Man converts car to run on used oil from french fries.

    Photos - click here to see 'em


    Other Stuff

  • NEW! Refugees face frostbite escaping from the USA!
  • All about Canadian Zines
  • Plutonium from Russian bombs on way to Canada
  • Purdon Conservation Area
  • 1923 Car makes it across Canada - in 32 years!

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    Djahz Cafe - Djahz - Great guy to have on your siidee in a fight - interesting life story on his home page - some scenes are very sad though!

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    My diary -1996
    Diary always being updated. Stalkers can bookmark it instead of following me around.


    Links to two guys from Central Canada who've moved out to B.C. and haven't, as far as I know, joined the Reform Party ( Political group for the tolerance-challenged )

    • Fade to Black - You do have to admire someone who sends Kwanza cards to White Supremacist groups.............

    Cow with a gun
    Tristan A. Farnon is the writer, but that's the name of one of the vets on "All Creatures Great and Small" - the one who was played by the fifth Dr. Who.... - Photo Novels set in San Francisco featuring Gumby-like creatures. Faves are "A Comedy Crisis", with Copyright busting Dilberts with obscene dialog and "Library of the Damned" a personal story of a worker in a library on skid row that has partrons who pleasure themselves to microfiche Playboys in the washroom."I have no idea how they viewed it." he says...

    All these comics... I do have too much time on my hands....

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