Canadian Computer Printing is dedicated (but not limited) to publishing music works by contemporary Canadian composers. In addition to our four music series (see below) we also typeset scores for people who need high quality printed music.


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The Canadian Computer Printing Choral Series


Grant Us Peace by Robert G. Rivers

for SATB choir and keyboard

Cat. No. CS146  Price: $1.75

This anthem uses the Agnus Dei text from the mass in both Latin and English as well as poetry by Walt Whitman. Duration: 3:00


Down in the River to Pray arranged by Andrew Donaldson

for SATB Choir, a cappella

Cat. No. CS 140 Price: $2.00

This is an arrangement of the music of the same name from the motion picture “Brother, Where Art Thou”. Duration: 2:40


Three Cat Songs by Paul Rapoport

for SATB Choir, a cappella

Cat. No. CS137  Price: $3.75

The three songs - Taffy the Topaz Coloured Cat, Dirge for a Righteous Kitten, and The Mysterious Cat - are delightful, whimsical descriptions by a self-professed cat lover. Duration: 3:30


On the Way to Jerusalem by Robert G. Rivers

for SATB Choir, Baritone Soloist, and Keyboard

Cat. No. CS133  Price: $2.75

This Palm Sunday anthem uses text adapted from Luke 19. Duration: 5:00


Dear Father, Let My Mind by William Renwick

for double SATB Choir, a cappella

Cat. No. CS135  Price: $2.00

This work uses a translated text by the Roman philosopher Boethius. Duration: 2:00


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The Hamilton Children’s Choir Choral Series


O Danny Boy arranged by Allan Bevan

for SSA Choir and Keyboard

Cat. No. CS147  Price: $2.00

A lovely setting of this well known Irish piece, which also exists in an arrangement for SATB (Cat. No. CS112). Duration: 3:30


Il Cantico del Sol by William Renwick

for SSA Choir and Soprano Soloist, a cappella

Cat. No. CS145  Price: $2.75

St. Francis of Assisi wrote the text for this piece, here translated into English. Duration: c. 4:30


St. Mary’s Mass by Richard Cunningham

for SA Choir and Keyboard

Cat. No. CS94    Price: $2.00

This setting of the mass includes the Kyrie, Sanctus and Benedictus, and Agnus Dei, mostly in English with some Latin. Duration: 4:00


Five for 5 by Robert Fleming

for Unison Treble Choir and Piano

Cat. No. CS105  Price: $3.25

Margaret Fleming penned the words for these five short pieces: I’m Among Friends, It’s Raining, Big Shot, Caught, and Candy Town. Full of fun - especially for kids! Duration: 4:30


The Shining King of Truth by William Renwick

for SA Choir, two soprano recorders, keyboard, and optional triangle

Cat. No. CS134  Price: $2.00

The text is a translation of words by Shinsui Kawai. Duration: 3:15


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The Canadian Computer Printing Vocal Series


NOTE: All vocal scores come with an accompanist’s copy included.


Folk Lullabies by Robert Fleming

for medium or high voice and piano

Catalogue No. Medium-VS31M; High-VS31H  Price: $15.00

A compilation of folk lullabies including Mary Had a Baby, The Mocking Bird, All the Pretty Little Horses, Suo-Gan, C’est La Poulette Grise, and Still Now and Hear My Singing. Each may be purchased separately.


I Hear the Noise of Waters by Leslie Janos

for medium or high voice and piano

Catalogue No. Medium-VS45M; High-VS45H  Price: $5.50

The text is by James Joyce. Duration: 2:00


A Charming Night by Barbara Goldberg

for medium or high voice and piano

Catalogue No. Medium-VS38M; High-VS38H  Price: $5.50

This song allows us to hear the private thoughts of a woman who is having dinner with a gentleman friend, but who wants much more! Duration: 2:30


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The Canadian Computer Printing Instrumental Series


Requiem by John Macdonald

for Keyboard

Catalogue No. IS22     Price: $5.50

A reflective piece in jazz idiom. Also available in an arrangement for four assorted instruments (all transpositions). Duration: 2:20


Christmas Carols for Consorts arranged by Robert G. Rivers

for Recorder Consort [SATB or AATB]

Catalogue No. IS21     Price: $10.00

This compilation of carols consists of 18 carols, 4 of which are actually for Advent. Most are well known seasonal pieces, but there are some beautiful, less well known carols. Keys were carefully chosen for ease in playing.


Amazing Grace arranged by Simon Irving

for Organ

Catalogue No. IS20     Price: $5.00

This offering consists of harmonizations in F and G for accompaniment to singing, and a trio canon for solo playing.


Une Petite Suite de Québec arranged by Robert G. Rivers

for Concert Band

Catalogue No. IS13     Price: $60.00

This suite is moderately easy, and suitable for experienced junior bands to older ensembles. It consists of three French Canadian folk songs - the energetic En Roulant Ma Boule Roulant, the achingly beautiful Un Canadien Errant, and the boisterous Les Raftsmen.


Études and Encores, Opus II by Barbara Goldberg

for Piano

Catalogue No. IS7       Price: $10.00

A collection of eight pieces, each focussing on a different aspect of piano playing. For the advanced intermediate student.


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