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Birth of Scouting - Mission Statement and Policies

Mission Statement
The mission of the “Belleville Scout-Guide Museum is to identify, acquire and
preserve archival and/or historical material that documents the history of Scouting and
Guiding in Canada, and to make such records available to the public

  • In Carrying out this mission with limited staff and space, the museum will do its best to
          Collect and preserve archival and/or historical material relating to the history of
             Scouting and Guiding in Canada.
          Arrange and describe these materials according to archival principles and make
             them accessible to the public, unless access is restricted by legal agreement.
          Provide adequate and appropriate conditions for the display, storage, protection
            and preservation of archival and/or historical materials.
          Provide regular reference service to individuals, organizations, municipal
            government and other groups interested in the museums mission.
          Provide educational and promotional programming where possible to increase
            public awareness of Scouting and Guiding in Canada.



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Mission Statement and Policies



Article #1: Materials

 Archival and/or historical material “donated” to the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum shall become the property of the museum. The curator will utilize the material at his/her discretion in the best interests of the museum in accordance with the “Mission Statement”. The individual donating the materials will be made aware of the museums policy by way of a documented donation form.

 Archival and/or historical material “on loan” to the museum will be the responsibility of the donor. The museum will maintain ordinary care of the “on loan” collection but the donor will assume all risk for theft and damage.

 Archival and/or historical material “on loan” will be returned to the donor upon his/her request. Upon death of the donor, the material will be returned to his/her estate upon request of the family. If the material remains on loan in the museum for a period of more then 2 years after the death of the donor and a request has not been made to return the material, the “on loan” archival and/or historical material will become the property of the museum.

Article #2: Acquisitions

 Archival and/or historical materials may be acquired by gift, bequest or purchase, or any other transaction in which title is passed on to the museum.

 The museum retains the right to charge for reproductions or other research services.

Article #3: Restrictions

 No activity of the museum shall support political campaigns on behalf of any candidate for public office.

Article #4: Non-Profit Policy

 The museum shall not operate at a profit, and its entire assets and facilities shall be devoted to the purpose as set fourth in its mission statement.

 Museum staffing shall be comprised of volunteers and receive no compensation for their services.

Article #5: De-Accessioning

 In order to maintain the focus and the quality of the museums archives and/or historical items, materials may be de-accessioned due to irrelevance, lack of space, duplication or irreparable condition.

Article #6: Cash Donations

 Cash donations to the museum where a charitable tax receipt is requested, shall be made through “The Friends of the Belleville-Scout Guide Museum”. A receipt will be issued at the time the cash donation is made. A charitable tax receipt will be issued at a later date and mailed out to the donor.

 Donations by cheque will be handled the same as a cash donation. All cheques must be payable to “The Friends of the Belleville-Scout Guide Museum”.


In the event the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum ceases to exist, the following procedure will apply:

 Every effort will be made to return all “on loan” items to their respective owners.

 All items owned by the museum will either be sold or donated to other individuals or organizations that have the same goals and mission as the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum and must be non for profit

 All funds (100%) derived from the sale of items shall be donated to a “Youth Assistance Fund”, providing financial assistance to youth who wish to join the Canadian Scouting Movement.

The mission statement and policies of the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum are amended and come into effect this 20th day of April, 2009 and shall remain in effect until such time they are amended.

Museum Curator,

Paul Deryaw                               Aug.20, 2009

______________________ _______________

(Signature)                                     (Date)                    (PDF VERSION)


Certificate of Artifact/Material Gift Donation

Donor:_____________________________ Date:___________________

Address:____________________________ Phone:__________________


I hereby unconditionally give, donate, bestow and set over unto the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum the property described on this paper or appended inventory to be used or disposed of by the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum in their unrestricted discretion. I certify that the property described on this paper or appended inventory legally and rightfully belongs to me, or I have the authority from the donor to convey this property. I waive for myself, my descendents, distributors, personal representatives or agents, all present and future rights in, to or over said property, its use or disposition.

I have read this statement and understand what I am agreeing to as described in this gift agreement term.

Signature:_________________________________ Date:__________________
(please print)






Description of Object

Estimated Value










































Date Received:_______________ Received By:________________________
(Museum Use Only)   (PDF VERSION)



Number of Object(s)__________
Loan Number_______________
Date Returned_______________
Received By________________

                Incoming Loan Agreement

                 The Belleville Scout-Guide Museum Agrees to accept these object(s), subject to these conditions:

Incoming objects may be accepted for the purpose of exhibition, research, duplication, and teaching or for review by the curator as a pending acquisition. Object(s) borrowed must be consistent with the Museums purpose and fall within its scope. The Museum will give the objects lent the same care and consideration as it does to comparable property of its own. Insurance may be secured for the object(s) on loan, but only at the loaners request and expense. Object(s) shall not be altered min any way, cleaned, repaired, retouched or reframed without the approval of the owner, unless the reason for the loan is specifically for restoration purposes. The Museum will not accept a loan for an indefinite period of time, such as a “permanent loan”. Loan tenure is one year or shorter. Request for a loan renewal will be considered by the curator.
Object(s) lent shall remain in possession of the museum for the entire duration of the loan period, unless prior written agreements are made. Exhibition of the loaned object(s) is entirely at the discretion of the curator. It is the responsibility of the lender to notify the museum of a change of address or of a change of ownership of the loaned property. Loaned property will be returned only to the lender of record following the expiration of the loan. The museum will have the right to store the loaned object(s) in any manner at the lenders expense. If after one year such property has not been withdrawn, and in consideration for its storage and safeguarding during this period, the property shall be deemed as an unrestricted gift to the museum.
The lender hereby acknowledges that he/she is authorized to lend the object(s) below and agrees to the above conditions.
Objects(s), Purpose and Duration, Notes, etc



Signature of Lender___________________________________ Date________________________
Print Name, Address, Phone, Email

Museum Curator____________________________________ Date________________________





Museum Use Only

Number of Object(s)________________
Loan Number_____________________
Date Loaned_______________________
Received By_______________________

Outgoing Loan Agreement

As the borrower, I (we)_________________________agree to the following conditions:

Each object shall remain in the same condition from the time lent to the time returned. Object(s) shall not be altered in any way, cleaned, repaired, retouched or unframed, unless the reason for the loan is specifically for restoration purposes.
Each object(s) shall be given all due care and protection against loss, damage or deterioration, and shall be insured if requested while in the custody of the borrower. Should loss, damage or deterioration occur, whether in transit or on the borrower’s premises, or in his/her possession, the borrower must report all loss or damage immediately to the museum in detail. Borrower will be responsible for the cost of damage and/or loss.
Unless prior written agreements are made, the borrower will be responsible for all costs associated with sending and returning the object(s), including but not limited to packing, shipping, insurance if requested, photography and any special requirements.
Objects must be returned by the date specified on the face of this form, unless an extension of the loan period has been requested in writing and approved by the museum curator. Loans cannot be transferred by the borrower to any other institution or individual.


Purpose and Duration, Notes (delivery, exact location, etc)

Borrowers Signature________________________________ Date_____________
Print Name, Address & Phone

Museum Curator____________________________________ Date______________



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