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Pat Willbond
guitar, harmonica, vocals

Pat is an accomplished artist and has played music "for a hundred years".  His big heart and boundless enthusiasm ring true whether he's singing, playing guitar, or breaking into a harp solo.  As a twenty-five year veteran in the Ottawa Valley music scene, Pat holds the respect of many fellow musicians for his solo work, and as a member of local groups.  He is a winner of the CJOH "Home Grown Cafe" Male vocalist award and has composed and recorded many songs that have received national airplay.  His three albums include original songs of inspiration, love, family, and growing up in the Ottawa Valley.  "I Want to Grow Old with You" is dedicated to his wife Kathy; and "Our Little Girl" is for one of his daughters.  He is a versatile and very popular musician.  In September 2007, he was invited to play at the Ottawa Valley Music Hall of Fame celebration at Centrepointe Theatre.  By all accounts, Pat was a huge success; and his rendition of "That's What Little Kids Do" was a highlight of the show.

Gary James O’Meara
percussion, mandolin, vocals

Gary, a down-homer from Prince Edward Island, plays percussion for The Spud Gary Band.  As long as it makes noise, he’ll play it; anything from tambourines and spoons, to whistles and shakers.  Gary also steps up to the microphone for lead and back-up vocals.  He’s a born entertainer who's been step dancing since he was two years old; so give ‘im lots of room.  Make no mistake about this mild-mannered mailman; neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop Gary from delivering the music he enjoys, having fun, and making people laugh.  Seeing the Ghost Rider is an absolute must.

Barry Willbond
squeezebox, percussion, vocals

Barry comes from a musical family where everyone loves to sing and dance.  He is the younger brother of Pat and takes the lead vocal on a number of songs as well as doing several impersonations.  Barry hopes you get out to see "The Diplomats" and he guarantees you will be entertained.

Home Bios Gigs Pics Reviews

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