Updated April 27, 2000


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Crime Prevention

I continue to serve as Chair of the Peel Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Committee which was formed in 1994. I am pleased that the committee has been successful in educating how to build in safety to numerous members of Peel regional Police, city and regional staff and outside agencies.  We have also had our members present at various international conferences and seminars.  The Committee has also been responsible for producing building guidelines in various areas such as underground parking garages.  We are presently working on guidelines for schools.

The Meadowvale Community Partnership, consisting of local citizens, agencies, businesses, youth, police, city staff and educators, is working to provide solutions to the problems facing young people in Meadowvale. The goal is to provide young people in our community with outlets and programs to assist them in dealing with the many issues and pressures facing them in their daily lives. I continue to work with the committee to help find new programs and to implement them.

Meadowvale Police Station

I am so proud of the success of the Police substation in the Meadowvale Town Centre. This was the first in the Region and has been such a success, more opened in 1997. Thanks to the support and efforts of the staff at the Meadowvale station, its importance has been recognized by the new Chief of Police who has agreed   that the facility should be expanded. The officers and staff at the substation deserve a lot of credit for making this - Peel's first community station - a resounding success.

The Dam Drop In

I continue to work to support the Dam Youth Drop-In at Meadowvale Town Centre.  I will be urging Regional Council to keep the funding for the Dam in place as it provides a necessary service for the many young people of Meadowvale.  To learn more visit the Dam's website.

Meadowvale Community Partnership

The Meadowvale Community Partnership is a group of concerned residents, business people, elected officials, school staff  and service providers who work together to address youth issues in Meadowvale.  The group is undergoing a review of its mandate and I hope to report on the final outcome and direction in a few weeks.  For information, visit the new MCP website or email me


For more information on crime prevention programs visit the following sites:

Peel Regional Police Crime Prevention Services
The Dam
Youth Crime Watch of America
International CPTED Association
International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners
Canadian Crime Prevention Centre