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Traffic Issues in Ward 9, the City and Region


GO Transit changes

Visit the GO Transit website to get information on recent changes to service.

Mississauga Transit Changes

There have been improvements to service in Ward 9.  For complete details visit the City of Mississauga website.

Traffic Signals to be Installed in 2000

  • Battleford and Edenwood
  • Winston Churchill Blvd at Wellesley Drive/McDowell Drive
  • Winston Churchill Blvd. at Castlebridge/Bently Drive
  • Battleford Road at Tenth Line
  • Eglinton Ave. at Ninth Line
  • Erin Mills Parkway at Windwood ***NEW

All way stop signs approved in Lisgar

  • Lisgar Drive at Saratoga  Way/Forest Bluff Crescent
  • Lisgar Drive at Dillingwood Drive/Allcroft Road

Neighbourhood Drive Slowly Signs

Signs have been installed in selected locations in Ward 9 to remind motorists to Drive Slowly.  The locations selected are those which have generated the most concern over speeding traffic on residential streets.  These areas have been reviewed by Traffic staff and speeding problems have been identified.

The signs which read "Drive Slowly...Think of Me" depict a child on a tricycle.  They are at the entrances to the street and are part of a comprehensive safe driving strategy which also includes the Neighbourhood Speed Watch program.

The sign locations are:

  • Dalehurst Drive  ...east and west entrance
  • Lisgar Drive - north of Doug Leavens and south of Derry Road
  • Osprey Blvd. north of Waxwing and south of Trelawny Circle
  • Glen Erin Drive -  north of Erin Centre Blvd. and south of Britannia
  • Duncairn Drive between Winston Churchill Blvd. and Glen Erin Drive

I urge all residents to be aware of these signs and slow down when entering and driving through residential neighbourhoods.  School is out, children are playing...keep your neighbourhood safe and accident free.

The program will be monitored and evaluated by staff and the Mississauga Safe Driving Committee this fall to determine if their use should be expanded to other sites.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Neighbourhood Traffic Safety

Safety in our neighbourhoods is a major concern.  I have been working on various locations to address residents' concerns and have recently implemented some new measures:

  1. Crossing guards for Our Lady of Mercy School on Glen Erin Drive
  2. Flashing school zone speed limit on Glen Erin Drive
  3. Traffic signals  Middlebury/Bell Harbour and Thomas Street
  4. Curve warning signs on Dillingwood
  5. Traffic signals at Glen Erin Drive and Castlebridge
  6. Traffic signals at Erin Centre Blvd./Erin Mills Town Centre
  7. Traffic signals approved Glen Erin Drive/Duncairn

I am also reviewing with traffic staff the opportunity for traffic calming measures on Glen Erin Drive to reduce the rate of speed through the Central Erin Mills neighbourhood, as well as speed enforcement on Lisgar Drive in the vicinity of Lisgar Public School.

Traffic Safety Program

Council has endorsed a multi-part approach to reduce traffic violations. Along with Councillor Mahoney, I sit on the Mississauga Safe Driving committee to formulate a complete road safety strategy.  This involve businesses, agencies and citizens.  One facet of the program will be the installation of "red-light cameras" at specific high-concern intersections.  Pilot locations have been selected and the program is scheduled to start on NOvember 25, 2000.   Motorists who run red lights will be photographed and will receive a $185 fine.  The goal is to prevent fatalities resulting from this type of aggressive driving. Another part of this program includes a Neighbourhood Speed Watch. Sensors and displays on local roads show motorists if they are travelling too fast. This has been effective in several neighbourhoods and I have suggested that we expand the program to include Police enforcement and more use of the monitors.

The committee has endorsed several new programs for Mississauga, such as Road Watch and the Community Safety Zones.

Road Watch

This program, which was first implemented in Caledon, has since spread across the province in smaller mmunicipalities.  In May 1999 Mississauga was be the first major municipality to adopt the program.  It relies on citizens reporting dangerous driving and the Peel Regional Police will follow up on the report.  The program has been very successful in reducing driving fatalaties in the communities in which it has been implemented.  Forms are available at all police stations (including Meadowvale Town Centre) and all City facilities.

Community Safety Zones

These are areas that have been targetted for enforcement by Peel Regional Police.  They include intersections and roads that have high incidents of speeding or trafic violations.  All fines will be doubled in these zones.  The areas will be clearly signed by standard provincial signage.

Council initially approved 6 pilot areas.  One is in Ward 9 on Glen Erin Drive between Peacock Drive and Castlebridge Road in the vicinity of Our Lady of Mercy School.  This location will be in effect for a while longer as it is a high speeding zone.