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Welcome to Coach Paul's Corner. I will maintain this site to better aid in our communication. Hopefully this will eliminate some time spent on explaining drills giving us more time to teach skills. It is important that we all work together as a team: players, parents and coaching staff.

I've been coaching basketball for 15 years, and have coached competitive basketball from the U10 to leve U19l. I have coached both boy's and girl's teams, and assisted with high school senior girls basketball teams and head coached the Junior Boys Basketball Team at the high school level. I have attended the Phil Martelli basketball camp in Philadelphia. I'm currently working on my level 3 NCCP certification.

This year I will be coaching once again in London. I will be coaching with Tony Marcotullio at Gold Medal.

I strongly believe in developing the same skills for all players. Motivating the players to achieve and looking for the payoff when those skills catch up to athleticism.

I believe in raising the player's basketball I.Q. by giving them a good understanding of the game, teaching them our philosophies, and what they can expect to see from other teams.

Our over-all team philosophy in order of importance should be: Faith, Family, School and then Basketball. This is not to diminish the importance of practice. I'm a strong believer of time management, commitment and consequence.

Our player philosophy, I'm sure the team will be able to recite to you already in order of importance: Communication, Defense, Rebounding, Transitions and Half Court Offense.

If your son or daughter has already been coached by me, you will be familiar with my coaching with consequences style. If you are late, then you buy your way back into practice, with push-ups and crunches and time on the jump-rope. Then you must catch up to the rest of the team. No yelling, just logical consequences for actions. If you choose to miss practices or leave early, then that will have an effect on your development, and consequently your floor time.

If you choose to talk while I'm instructing, during practice, it buys you a spot on the bench, where you can watch and learn.



Revised April 11, 2011
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