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1.Earning Floor Time
a. Effort at practice
b. Ability and willingness to learn plays
c. Commitment and achievements during practices
d. Achievements during games
e. Coaching staffs ability to find situations where players will succeed
Missing Practices
The team and coaching staff also adopted the following rule:
a. If a player misses practices the week before a tournament, excluding injuries or illness, they will sit out of the first game of the tournament. If they choose to not attend that first game, they will sit the next game.. and so on. Coaching staff will be reasonable about special circumstances.
3. Philosphy on Starters
I do not place enphasise on starters. Starters generally come out of the blocks planning to run the 50 meter, and not the mile. I place enphasis on teams within teams. Two player sharing a position, working together. Those two players may share the floor time 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 etc, depending on details found in Item 1 Earning Floor Time. I expect each player to go full out, and 30 seconds before they can't go 100%, they signal the coaching staff that they need a break, and their partner goes in. The two things that I know you can control and are essential if you want to play for me are:
3 a) Measure your success by your effort. Work hard. Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
3 b) Are you a good team mate. Do you put the team before yourself. Do you have a common goal with your team mates.
4. Demonstrate respect for the game.
a. Love the game.
b. Always hustle.
c. Have fun.
d. Never trash talk.
5. Demonstrate respect for your teammates.
a. Always be encouraging.
b. Only positive comments.
c. Help set team goals.
6. Demonstrate respect for yourselves.
a. Only positive thoughts.
b. Congratulate yourself with positive thoughts and images.
c. Never think you can't do something, instead think that you will get there with hard work
d. If you miss a shot, or make a turnover, tell yourself to hustle twice as hard to get back on defense, and then help your team get another chance to score.
e. Set goals.
7. Demonstrate respect for the officials.
a. Be respectful to the officials - shake hands
b. Officials are trying their best. There are bound to be bad calls. It's part of the game and you have no control over it.
c. Never give the official attitude, it will cost you.
8. Demonstrate respect for you opponents.
a. Shake hands, before and after games.
b. Never trash talk.
c. Rise above opponent's and or their parent's bad behavior. Don't get sucked into their level.
6. Demonstrate mutual respect between players and coaches.
a. Be open and communicate problems.
b. Speak in a respectful manner.


Revised November 13, 2010
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