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Coach Paul's Corner

Rules for Practice
1. When coach is speaking players are quiet and listening
2. If you are late you will do 30 push-ups and 30 crunches and 3 minutes on the rope, as entry into practice.
3. If you break a rule you will get 1 verbal warning (only).
a. Second disruption buys you push-ups and or sit-ups.
b. Third disruption buys you pine, you must sit and watch.
Rules for Games
1. On loose ball above knees catch the ball, don't dribble just catch it and look up the floor.
2. On loose ball below knees get on the floor - use forearm and side of leg to prevent injury.
3. On charge fall down - no flops, take a real charge.
4. Never cross in front of our live ball live dribble.
5. Run wide on the break, never tight.
6. Never use bounce pass to the big man on the break - if a big man hustles don't make him bend down to get it.
7. On ball recovery, always follow the man saving the ball and call his name so he knows where to aim.
8. don't be a spectator get involved in play
9. On offensive rebound, if you can't grab it small against large, tap the ball out to one of our players.
10. Know how to foul.
11. Never save a ball under your own basket. Percentages are good that you'll give it to the other team for an easy.
12. Never inbound the ball from under the basket.
13. Never inbound the ball with a bounce pass.
14. When breaking the press break, or in a situation where the opponents want to commit a foul to get the ball back, inbound the ball to your best Free Throw Shooter.
15. Talk positively to your teammates.

Rules for Floor Time

1. Effort at practice
2. Ability and willingness to learn plays
3. Commitment and achievements during practices
4. Achievements during games
5. Coaching staffs ability to find situations where players will succeed

Missing Practices

The team and coaching staff also adopted the following rule:

1. If a player misses practices the week before a tournament, excluding injuries or illness, they will sit out of the first game of the tournament. If they choose to not attend that first game, they will sit the next game.. and so on. Coaching staff will be reasonable about special circumstances.


Revised November 13, 2010
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