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Increase Vertical Jump Power With Dynamic Flexibilty Training

  • Dynamic stretching incorporates movements that mimic a specific sport or exercise in an exaggerated yet controlled manner. Dynamic exercise are a viable method of enhancing jumping performance.

Increase Vertical Jump With Dynamic Weight Training

  • Improvements in dynamic weight training has a direct effect on power and increases vertical jump ability. Dynamic weight training skills are more complex and require strick form and proper coaching and instruction.

Increase Vertical Jump Power With Traditional Weight Training

  • The principle fitness component of vertical jumping is power. Power is a combination of strength and speed (Power = Strength x Speed).
    A balanced weight training program that improves both upper and lower body strength can improve you power and increase vertical jump ability.

Increase Vertical Jump Power With Core Strength Training

  • Greater core strength enables an athlete to produce the necessary movements in their sports with increased efficiency. Greater strength of the core musculature increases stability and improves body control or balance during athletic movements. The additional benefit is they are less likely to be injured during training and competition.

Increase Vertical Jump Power With Plyometric Training

  • Plyometrics exercises build power and speed, improve coordination and agility and effectively improve sports performance.

Increase Vertical Jump Power With Sports Specific Training

  • Sport Specific Drills lets the athlete to put their traning to the test.
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  • Specific Shot Mechanic Training
  • Shooting Drills to make you a complete shooter
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    • Right Hand Left Foot
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    • Increase Decision Speed Through Reaction Drills
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