Download the Windows stand-alone version

Current Version: 2.10 (2001.09.30)

   This is the main download file (Zip file - 2.2 mBytes)

Extract this file to a temp directory and run the SETUP.EXE file.
Once downloaded and unZIPped, read the README.TXT or HELP.HTML file for more information.
This has been tested under Windows 98 but should work with Windows 95 thru Windows ME/2000.

Click here to download the MARCHPERC2.SF2 Soundfont (592 Kb)

(You need a "Soundblaster Live!"-series or "AWE64" card to use this)

Click here to download a MP3 example of the soundfont in use! (652 Kb)

Revision History

2.102001.09.30Marching Percussion Soundfont options incorporated and STANDALONE enhancements and bugs fixed ;)
2.092001.02.11Track Volume settings can be changed now
2.082001.02.02No longer need [ ] characters around your rudiment / subpattern names.
Thus, you're free to over-ride the predefined rudiment names.
2.072000.11.25Web-only update - Back online. My ISP rearranged locations of specific files I needed.
2.052000.11.18Web-only update - taken offline to fix problems
2.042000.10.01Better setup program, RAW-Helper utility added, other bugs fixed
2.022000.09.19Added Drumputer-Runner.exe to handle associating .drum files properly
2.012000.09.18Fixed bug where it kept saying it was creating DRUMPUTER.INI file but it wasn't
2.002000.09.17First BETA release of Windows Version
1.502000.02.20Multiple Voices implemented
1.001999.11.28Original Web Version. Actually there were incremental changes but I never kept track

For more info, contact me (Paul Johnston)
This site last updated: 2001.09.30