Here are some freeware games and utilities I've written over the years that you can download and try out.

Click the following links for screen shots and downloads.

Last updated - 18th October 2000

DOS Games

Pool - a pool game for two players.

Roulette - a roulette game.

3D strategy - a 3D connect-4 game for one or two players.

Tetris - a simple tetris clone.

Backgammon - a backgammon game for one or two players.

Windows 95 / 98 / NT Games and Utilities

Exploding fruit - an addictive strategy game.

Curling - a curling game that can be played over the Internet, for one or two players.

RoadKill - a strategy game similar to PipeMania.

Scramble - a sliding puzzle where you can use your own images.

Scissors - a strategy game based on "paper scissors stone".

eWords - a word game that can be played locally or via e-mail.

Find - a file find utility.

Alarm - an alarm program.

Timer - a timer utility.

HotKey - define your own hotkeys to start applications.

Backup - a utility to backup files to different drives.

Sticky pad - a sticky pad note utility.

Zoom - magnifies the area around the cursor.

Filler - a drag and drop utility for filling in forms.

Winz - a utility that allows you to set the properties of any window.

WinMin - a utility to minimize all open windows at the click of a mouse button.

Drives - a drive navigation utility.

KBoard - a fun utility that makes it sound as if you're really busy.

Contacts - a simple address book program.

Biorhythm - a biorhythm program for any date combination.


Roulette - a roulette game.

Lights Off - strategy game.

Cube - 3D strategy game.

Matches - strategy game played against the computer.

Sevens - card game played against the computer.

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