The  Schryver Families

  of Fredericksburgh
  and Hastings County


   This page is dedicated to the United Empire Loyalist, George Schryver and to assist his descendants in tracing their roots. I have added sources whenever available as these sources are needed in establishing a link for Unity of the Empire (UE) designation.


        George SCHRYVER was born in Philadelphia circa 1760.  I have not been able to locate a record of the baptism of a George Schryver but I did locate the baptism of Johann Peter Schryver and the circumstantial evidence  would indicate that this was the baptism of George.
        A remarkable document, his Indenture, has also survived the space of time.  As noted in the Indenture, his mother was Rosina SCHRYVER and I located the record of a marriage between Anna Rosina WAHLIN and Johann Martin SCHREYER on April 8, 1760 Source (1).
        George was indentured to Martin and Mary WALTER in Philadelphia in 1763 for a term of 17 years.  He moved with the WALTER family to the Mohawk River Valley of New York State. In this area, near the present Johnstown, was a large tract of land, commonly known as the Kingsborough Patent, which had been acquired by Sir William JOHNSON and eventually passed to his son and heir, Sir John JOHNSON.   German and Scottish immigrants were encouraged to rent parcels of land and Michael KERMAN (CARMAN) and Martin WALTER were two of the tenant families. Michael KERMAN’s sister Magdalena married Johann Martin WALTER, hence the connection between the WALTER and the KERMAN families.

       On October 31, 1777 the remainder of George’s servitude was sold by Mary WALTER to Michael KERMAN, as indicated on the back of the Indenture.  This sale is very interesting as Michael CARMAN was by then a Private in the 1st Battalion, King's Royal Regiment of New York (KRRNY), under Sir John JOHNSON.  Also in the 1st Batt'n was Martin WALTER. They had both enlisted on June 19, 1776.  Excursions were made into the Mohawk Valley from 1777 to 1783 to recruit soldiers and these exploits are well documented  (2).   Was the sale of George just a coincidence?  Perhaps, but on June 14, 1778 George SCHRIVER was listed on the rolls of the 1st Batt'n KRRNY and he also spent time as an Artificer (tradesman) in Sorel.
        At the conclusion of the war the Loyalists obtained grants of land in Upper and Lower Canada. Michael CARMAN and George SCHRYVER received land in Matilda Township.   Why did George not settle on his grant but move on to settle in the Township of Fredericksburgh? Possibly because another member of the KRRNY, John PICKLE, had received a grant of land in Fredericksburgh and according to the records of Rev John Langhorn of Fredericksburgh, George Shriver married Catharine PICKLE (daughter of John Pickle (3) ) on March 3, 1789 (L1).  Catharine and George had 14 children.  George died in 1829 and his Will, dated June 15, 1822, lists a number of his children.
        Petition of Catharine (Pickle) Schryver and her Original Land Grant.
        Here is a photo of the Schryver homestead as it stands today.

The children of Catharine and George:  

John b 1790
Rosanna b 1791  d 1791
George b 1793
Mary b 1795
Elizabeth b 1796
Nancy b 1798
Suzanna b 1800
Jacob F. b 1802
Reuben b 1806
Rachel b 1808
Lavina b 1810
Margaret b 1812
Walter Carman b 1815
Caroline b (___)

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