This is a photograph of the original Indenture document which is in the possession of Mr. Jon Wannamaker of Napanee, Ontario.
                In the mid 1950's the Schryver farm was sold by Myro Ham Schryver to the Wannamaker family. The farm in North Fredericksburgh, just south of Napanee, is presently owned by Leland Wannamaker, a relative of Jon. The Indenture was found in a box of old papers at the Schryver farm and it was subsequently given to Jon due to his keen interest in Loyalist military history.
              I first learned of the indenture from Mrs.Mary Bartelt, Appomatox, VA,    who was researching "Philadelphia Bush", NY and the Carman Family of Matilda Township, Ontario. Michael Carman purchased the remainder of George's time from Mary Walter in 1777 (see below). I also learned from her that Rosina Schryver was married in 1760 in Philadelphia and I eventually found the record.

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The following photograph is the back of the above document.

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Front of Indenture:

      (Printed by Andrew Steuart, of whom may be had all Sorts of Blanks)

  This Indenture  Witnesseth, That

George Shryver with the Consent of his Mother
Rosena Shryver

as also for other good Causes,  he   the said      George Schryver
hath bound and put him  self, and by these Presents doth bind and put   him
self Servant to the said   Martin Walter & Wife Mary
to serve   them       (some pre-printed words crossed out) from the Day of the
Date hereof, for and during the Term of     Seventeen Years
    thence next ensuing. During all which Term, the said Servant
  his   said  Master & Mary    (some more words crossed out), faithfully shall
serve, and that honestly and obediently in all Things, as a good and dutiful
Servant ought to do.    AND the said     Martin Walter & Wife Mary
Executors and Assigns, during the Term, shall find and provide for the
said    George Schryver    sufficient Meat, Drink,   apparel
Washing and (bedding torn out)  during the said Term also to learn him
to Read write and Cypher & at the Expiration of
said term to pay him seven Pounds with Freedom
And for the true Performance thereof, both the parties bind themselves firmly
unto each other by these Presents. In Witness whereof they have hereunto
interchangeably set their Hands and Seals.   Dated the    fifth
Day of       January        in the          third           Year of his Majesty’s
Reign ;    and in the Year of our Lord,  one thousand seven hundred and
sixty     three
Signed, sealed and delivered                          his
    in the Presence of                          George  Schryver
                  her                                                 mark
   Rosena    X  Schryver
 Unable to read next witness name
 below Rosena Schryver.

Written in the left margin is     Bound before Hen Harrison  Mayr

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Back of Indenture:

  October 31, 1777
Then agreed with Michael Kerman
by the Consent of the within Named
servant to serve him the remainder
of his time he paying him his
just freedoms Likewise thirty pounds
to be paid to me in hand as Witness
our hands                           mark
Witnesses present        Mary X  Walter
  Rich d Cullen                     her
             mark               George Schriver
Edward  X Connor

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