This is the first source page for the records of the Rev. John Langhorn.
Some of his original records are stored at:

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario Archives,
90 Johnson Street, Kingston,
Ontario, K7L 1X7
Phone: (613) 544-4774 Ext 28
Fax :     (613) 547-3745

                On January 23, 2001, I went to the Anglican Diocese Archives in Kingston and met Lisa Russell the Diocesan Archival Technician. I explained that I was looking for the records of Rev. John Langhorn and told her the years I was looking for.   She disappeared into a vault and a few minutes later returned with a small ledger book.  She gave me a pair of gloves to wear while handling the pages.  I thought the book may have been some type of an index but when I opened it I was surprised to see the ORIGINAL records of Rev. John Langhorn that were made over 200 years ago.   Photocopying of the registers is not allowed but I was permitted to take some digital photographs that I would like to share with you.

         The first photo is the marriage of George Schryver and Catharine Pickle on March 03, 1789
                                                    Scan down to the second photo for a closer view.

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