In June 1675, Taunton was attacked by a prowling band of the savages and the houses of James Walker and John Tisdale were burned and Tisdale was killed. At the same time two soldiers from Eastham serving there were killed. Their names were John Knowles and Samuel Atkins. In May 1676 in that part of Taunton that became Rayham six soldiers were killed while planting in the fields viz. Henry Andrews, James Bell, Sergt James Phillips and in another part of town Edward Bobitt.
        These are photographs of the releases to the Administrators of the Estate of James Phillips which can be found in the Town Records, Taunton MA,  LDS Microfilm #899104.  Note that the Administrators are John Richmond and Mary Godfree.   There is an entry in this same record book that states "Richard Godfree married to the Widow Philips the 26th of March 1684". 
        This letter of Administration was dated 11 day of May 1691.   I am not certain if this John Richmond would be Mary's brother or father.   There is a reference in one of the letters to John Richmond Junior so he may very well be a brother.
        For a closer view of the first letter see the next photograph.


        The following photograph is a slightly enlarged photograph of the first letter.

       The next photograph is the letter that applies to Seth Phillips. You will notice that it states "my honored father James Philips deceased."

       There are similar letters for William,  Ebenezer and James