Phillips DNA Project.

        I had originally started the project to connect the descendants of William Phillips of Taunton, MA, who became United Empire Loyalists and moved to Canada, however a new Phillips DNA project was started and Family Tree DNA has amalgamated the two projects.
        If your surname is Phillips or Philips you are invited to join the project.
If your surname is not Phillips but you are a descendant, perhaps you could arrange for a male Phillips cousin to be tested. The only way to trace your Phillips line through Y-DNA testing is through a male person with the surname Phillips.
        If you haven't done so already, I would suggest that you click on the link for the Family Tree DNA site and the DNA Heritage site and read the tutorials.  After you have read this information and you are ready to join the project click on the "JOIN HERE" link below.  By ordering a sample kit through a Surname Project there is a considerable savings.

Family Tree DNA:  

DNA Heritage:    (Good tutorial for beginners like me.)

Ready to join? Use this link to join the Phillips Project and obtain your kit.    JOIN HERE 

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