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2005 Articles By: Valerie Smith

Relief Beyond Belief - Winter - 2005
Bringing Light into the Dark with Crystals and Stones

The days are shorter and the dark can be intimidating. For many, depression can set in due to the lack of sunlight. Using crystals and stones can brighten the way during the dark sunless times.

Garnet can be used to combat depression. This rich russet colour stone is overflowing with life-force energy. It works best when there are more than one and when worn next to the skin. The energy caused from the stones coming together while in contact with the skin has an uplifting effect to ones spirit. Another great stone is Chrysoprase. This stone is apple green and holds within a peace and contentment that sings to the soul. An offering of acceptance of things that cannot be changed and changing the things that can brings the gift of peace from anxiety. Chrysoprase and Garnet together make a wonderful healing combination.

This comfy cozy comfort with one's self can lead one easily to want to know more of who one is and to be able to express this. Blue Sodalite is a master stone when it comes to understanding self and expressing one's truth. Knowing who one is leads one to know what they want in life and can help one to focus on this. Like a tiny seed in the dark earth that is contemplating growth, this is the perfect time of year to contemplate what growth one wants when the suns energy begins to grow again. You will recognize Blue Sodalite by the light to dark almost black shades of blue running through the stone with streaks of white. It is best to wear this stone near the throat chakra, but carrying it in a pocket is fine also.

Now that one knows who one is, one may also become aware of emotions that have been hiding within. Emotions of fear, sadness and grief can be released using Chysocolla. This intense stone of blues and greens is also very helpful in purifying the home and re-building relationships. The copper content in this stone has a transmission effect, sending away any unwanted energies. When being used for personal reasons, wear or carry the stone. To benefit the home, place the stone in a central area of the home. Use the intention that the energy of the stone will flow out in a sphere to encompass the home. For relationship issues each person can carry a stone, and/or place one at the centre of the shared bed, if a couple, between the mattresses.

A natural flow from knowing one's self and releasing unnecessary emotional baggage is connecting to one's soul purpose. Danburite allows one to "let their light shine". It connects the heart space to spirit enabling one to be open to receiving guidance to walk their personal path. This is an excellent stone to help with deep change, leaving the past behind. It can be used to cleanse karmic energy and can start the soul off in a new direction. This stone can be found in shades of pink to clear, and yellow, white or lilac. Pink Danburite opens the heart and allows self love.

Loving self for who one is complete with flaws and mistakes is never an easy task. Amber, a fossilized resin usually golden in colour, is a perfect organic that allows one to connect the consciousness of self to universal perfection. It purifies ones mind, body and spirit enabling one to see universal perfection in the self. The sunny energy contained in Amber brightens and enlivens ones energy. It helps one to feel certain about their path and the choices being made along the way. This stone is a powerful healing and cleansing stone. Wearing this stone really is the best way to utilize the energy and power within.

Using stone energy during the dark time of the year is an effective way to keep the blues away while growing within to a wonderful new self. Celebrate self and have gratitude for being alive by using Rainbow Obsidian. This dark black stone with a rainbow sheen is amazing to look at. Spending time watching the rainbow movement as the stone is rotated beneath a light is a delightful way to access the energy of gratification and enjoyment held within this beautiful stone.

Live life to its fullest, and embrace the wonders that can be found in the dark.

The Link - November/December - 2005
Red Jasper

Nurture, nurture, nurture. This brick red stone assists us in healing unjust circumstances. A warm hug can best describe the energy of this stone. It comes to our emotional rescue and enables us to take responsibility for ourselves. We see that we can make choices and do not have to live according to the will of others. Once we are moving forward on our healing journey, red jasper, can help to prevent set-backs. Wear this stone or keep in your pocket. You will want it close by to remind you that you are not a victim. Clear this stone once a week in the sun, especially when life feels overwhelming. Remember, it is up to us to access the stone's energy with our intention.

For more info see: Red Jasper

Relief Beyond Belief - Fall - 2005
Spring Forward, FALL BACK…

…back… into routine, into learning, growing, healing and any and all personal endeavors that we individually pursue. It's a time to bring all our energies in and focus on the tasks at hand. Fluorite, which is purple, green, blue, yellow and clear, is the perfect stone to use now. This beautiful stone can be found with all the colours swirling and mixing through the stone or as a single coloured stone. It grows naturally as an octahedron, which from a sacred geometry perspective is connected to the element of air. The symbolic attribute of air is new beginnings, inspiration and mental activities. As I said, perfect for this time of year.

Use Fluorite to detach from all the busy energy around you while maintaining awareness of what is happening. Stay focused and calm and the work you are doing will seem much easier and well managed. Fluorite is especially good for students, focusing the mind and enhancing learning capabilities. Wearing this stone or keeping it near you is best. Placing it on your desk as you work is another great way to use this stone.

Don't allow all this work to overwhelm you. Take time to pamper and nurture yourself. Jaspers, a chalcedony related to the quartz, are true nurturers. Red Jasper, a browny/red stone, will help you to not feel like a victim in unjust circumstances. It can also help you to take responsibility for yourself not allowing others to dominate the situation. Ocean jasper, a mottled stone of blue, green and creamy/gray, can help one not to drown in their emotions. Starry Jasper, a combination of Red Jasper and Pyrite will help when making difficult decisions. Mugglestone, a combination of Red Jasper and Hematite, soothes the soul when under psychic attack, while Yellow Jasper reminds us to nurture others. Mookaite Jasper, an unusual browny/red and yellow stone with a purplish tone, is known as the dream time stone, offering sweet dreams to the tired and weary. Picture Jasper, a stone that appears to have painted scenes on it, stimulates creative visualization helping us to find answers or hidden messages.

Depending on which Jasper you are using and what your intention is, you may want to place the stone in your bath water as in Red Jasper. Wear it as in Ocean Jasper or Starry Jasper. Place it under your pillow or near your bed if using Mookaite or Yellow Jasper. Picture Jasper can make a good scrying tool. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground or in the lotus position. Go into a meditative state while looking at the surface of the stone. Become aware of what comes to mind. Do you see something within the stone? Candlelight could enhance this experience.

Nurturing ourselves help us to survive and to get through the day. Pampering on the other hand can make us feel special and worthy of the nurturing we require. Why not put together a stone combination to wear in a medicine pouch? First and foremost add Rose Quartz for self- love, and add Sugilite, which connects one to spiritual love and a sense of who one is, and why one is here on earth. Then, add Smokey Quartz to ground the energy, while bringing light to the shadow areas making burdens feel lighter. Using these stones together will create an energy that can uplift ones spirits bringing a sense of wonder and delight to be alive.

Only by using your stones in these different ways will you begin to feel the energies they bring to you. The more you work or play with them the more you will naturally sense what changes you are feeling and how they can enhance your life. There is no wrong way to use your stones. Keep in mind your intention of what you are seeking when picking a stone and when choosing how to use it. Some people feel as if the stone is communicating with them. This is simply an awareness of the energy of the stone and it's connection with your energy. A knowing of what is best for you follows when you make this connection.

It is very important however, to clear your stones. This can be done by placing them in the sun, water, earth, or moonlight, with energy work, sound or by using smudge. Stones do naturally clear themselves, but if they are near you constantly, they cannot clear without assistance. Care for your stones as you would a living creature and you will feel the benefits immensely.

Everything we need is within the earth and ourselves. Isn't nature wonderful?

The Link - September/October - 2005

Fluorite helps one to stay focused and detached from the chaotic energies around. We will be very aware of these energies, yet calm and at peace. This newfound concentration also enhances the learning process. It can be kept on the desk nearby or worn as jewellry. It is the perfect stone for this time of year as we begin new classes, and face the stress of schedules and commitments. Fluorite is found in beautiful swirling colours of purple, green, blue and clear, or with stripes of varying shades. It can also be found as solid purple, green or yellow. Fluorite also helps us to see reality and truth behind the veils of illusion.

For more info see: Fluorite

The Link - August - 2005
Green Aventurine

If the heat of the summer has been making you feel ill, green aventurine will help to soothe your stomach, stilling any nausea and bring an overall sense of well being. This stone can also be worn over the heart area to heal emotional wounds or at the solar plexus to help one to build boundaries in their life to protect the heart space. The colour green is known to help increase ones abundance. Green aventurine helps through motivation and a trust of ones instincts. It brings out ones leadership qualities as well. It can be a very pale green colour to a deep dark green. Within this stone you can see sparkly glitters of mica which makes it very attractive.

For more info see: Green Aventurine

The Link - July - 2005

Summer is upon us and many will be out in the sun soaking up its rays. If you get too much sun, use hematite to cool your body down. It'll also ground the extra energy you received while in the sun. Try carrying or wearing hematite to help you stay grounded, and to create a shield of protection from other energies. Hematite will also provide a calming atmosphere, while stimulating the desire for peace. When grounded hematite will also help you to sort things out in your mind. This is the perfect stone to use while on vacation for a cool, calm and peaceful holiday. You'll feel refreshed and ready to begin anew.

For more info see: Hematite

The Link - June - 2005
Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite allows your "true colours" to shine through. This fascinating stone with it's dark to light shades of blue and streaks of white, gives one an understanding of who they are. This in turn helps one to express their true feelings. Rational thinking, direction of purpose, the ability to let go of outcome, and getting along well with others, encourages an improved self-esteem and trust of self and others. Wear this stone as a jewellry piece or keep it near you in a bundle daily to gradually open to the wisdom of self that this magnificent stone has to offer. Do you know who you are?

For more info see: Blue Sodalite

Relief Beyond Belief - Summer - 2005
Help is Just a Stone's Throw Away

It's so amazing how nature provides us with so much beauty, which doesn't just look good, but is healing too. Many of us have been digging in the dirt, planting flowers and sprucing up our yards. We have also been back at our exercise routines of running, power walking or whatever. Along with these activities come the aches and pains of sore joints and muscles.

To ease sore muscles take a warm epsom salt bath. Add a couple of mahogany obsidian stones to the bath water and soak until the water becomes cool. Mahogany Obsidian, a rich brown stone with black specks, will remove energy blockages, relieve tension and help the pain to dissolve. It strengthens a weak aura giving strength in times of need. After the bath continue to wear the mahogany obsidian on your body.

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, wearing a copper bracelet can be helpful. Copper has also been known to help bursitis and rheumatism. Copper, can alleviate lethargy helping one to release all restrictions one has placed on oneself.

Malachite, which has a wonderful, emerald green colour, is also very helpful with pain relief. Malachite absorbs negative energy and will balance all of the chakras, allowing the body to heal. Place the malachite on the area of pain for twenty minutes, if possible. You can also hold the stone in your left hand. In both cases rest quietly holding the intention of letting the malachite remove the negative energy causing the pain. Follow this with a clear quartz to bring in positive energy to the site. Be cautious with malachite. Only use the polished stone. Never breathe in the dust of an unpolished specimen, as it is toxic. Be sure to take extra care to clear the malachite after use. Direct sunlight is best. If you have trouble clearing the stone, you may have to bury it in the earth for up to two weeks. Malachite absorbs so well that it may take extra time to clear it.

If you have a clear quartz wand, you can also direct positive energy to the pain site. As you focus the energy through the wand, hold the intention of accepting the loving, healing energy of the universe to ease and remove the pain.

Any stone is great to use while out walking or running. Try a clear quartz point in each hand as you work out. Do not grip the stone tight. Relax your hand as you hold the stone, feeling the warmth of the energy exchange. As you workout, see if you feel more energetic. Worry stones are also great to use in this way. The shape of the stone fits the hand perfectly and the focus can be on releasing the worries and unwanted energies as the body is taking in clean fresh air and building strength.

If you love to garden, but don't exactly have a green thumb, use green moss agate to help you connect to information regarding improving the health of the plant, or to grow new crops. Place one stone beneath the plant and another in your pocket or wear it in a pouch. As you work with the plant listen to your inner voice and see what comes up. Many years ago, this stone was also used to improve weather patterns. This may sound too good to be true, but who are we to question our ancestors.

When using any stone, remember to use your intention to direct the energy. What is it that you are looking for? You are in control. The stones are only tools holding wonderful, healing energies for you to use. There are so many ways to use them. My favourite is to wear the stones as necklaces or bracelets. This way you have the energy with you all day, and no one asks any questions. Placing a stone in the window near where you sit will allow the energy of the stone to wash over you as the sun shines in through the window.

Enjoy yourself as you work or play outdoors, and don't forget that our stone friends can help us to live our life to its fullest potential.

The Link - May - 2005

Jade, the stone of dreams, whether asleep or awake. Jade can help one to manifest their dreams. It brings peace and harmony to one on a physical, emotional and mental level, while releasing negative energy. This helps one to see their true potential, and gives one the resources to achieve them. As well jade helps one to be devoted to their purpose. A jade placed under the pillow before going to sleep, will bring dreams that will process life and will solve issues through emotional release. Blue jade is used in the same way, but the results are much slower and gentler. This slow but steady progress is great for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed in life.

For more info see: Jade

Relief Beyond Belief - Spring - 2005
Crystals, Rock and Gemstones -- Oh My!

Have you ever walked along the beach when something catches your eye? What a neat stone you think. You pick it up and a shiver of joy runs through your body as you delight in the treasure you are holding in your hand. You study the stone looking for unusual markings, are amazed at the beautiful colour, or just can't stop yourself from rubbing your thumb over the surface as you feel it become warm in your hand. Many of you will eventually place the stone in your pocket to bring home and place in a window near others you have collected. Some will enjoy the stone for a while before throwing it in the water, or gently placing it back in the sand. Either way, a connection to the stone has been made and you feel a little different.

Why are we so affected by these natural beauties? Well, they are part of nature, made from different minerals and mineral combinations, as are we. Vibrational energy flows from each stone according to its colour and elemental make-up. These energies are harmonious to the energy of our bodies. They also will help us to align our energy centres to one of balance. Thus, helping us to heal on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When we are attracted to a stone, it will have a vibrational energy that we are seeking for our self.

You may think, well, if stones have vibrational energy that helps people to heal, why is there so much illness and despair in people everywhere? The answer is simple. Only you have the ability to use this energy for yourself. The stones cannot do this for you. It is your intent, focus and will, which enables you to make use of this magnificent natural energy. A healing practitioner can use these stones, focus the universal energy through them and to you, to assist you. But, it is your inner-will and your body's natural healing abilities that allows the healing energy to work for you.

Each stone has many aspects to it and can be helpful for many things. So how do you know which one to choose? Besides being attracted to a stone, you can also choose stones according to the time of year. We are celebrating the coming of spring. We have been waiting anxiously for the sun to once again dominate the sky. We have been making plans and looking forward to what we want to do now that it is getting warmer outside. As we reach the Spring Equinox not only is the sun at a place of balance, equal day and night, but we are also at a balance point between planning and doing.

If it is balance you are wishing to embrace, a great stone to use is tourmalinated quartz. This stone is a combination of clear quartz, an intensifying positive energy, and the very grounding and protective energy of black tourmaline. Another wonderful stone for balance is citrine. While citrine can also be used to manifest in your life, it has the ability to bring energy to you that will help you let go of your ego driven will, enabling you to move forward with a pure intent.

As you move into the doing stage you may want to try golden topaz. When used for unselfish purposes, the golden topaz will revitalize your energy level, helping you to focus on your goals. If you are looking to bring something new into your life, lodestone is your ally. The magnetic qualities of lodestone will help you to be receptive to receiving and to truly appreciate your blessings. Using two lodestones will enhance the energy as the magnetic energy is flowing between the two stones.

Having said this, you may want or need to use a stone to do some releasing of the old, before any of the before said stones. Amethyst is well known for its peaceful and calming energy. What is not as well known is that amethyst helps you to release old negative emotions and energies, enabling you to feel at peace and have peace of mind.

Of course, there are many stones that offer similar energies and can be used for these purposes. Always listen to your intuition and inner heart when choosing your stones. Placing your stones in the sun between use will clear and recharge them. Have fun, use your stones and see what happens.

The Link - March/April - 2005

Citrine is mostly found in stores as a bright sunny yellow tumbled stone or crystal point. These little drops of sunshine are perfect for this time of year. Natural citrine is much darker, more of a golden brown, holding a greater energy. Citrine promotes optimism and joy, bringing a sense of well-being. This in turn lessens depression. It also relaxes the ego to a balanced state, which allows clear focus and pure intent when making decisions and working to manifest goals. Citrine will not hold negative energy. Put a citrine in your first aid kit to assist in clear thinking when attending to emergencies. Natures resources are precious, let's use them wisely.

For more info see: Citrine

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