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2006 Articles By: Valerie Smith

Relief Beyond Belief - Winter - 2006
Magnetic Hematite Jewelry, what’s the attraction?

Magnetic hematite jewelry is very popular right now. But do you really know why you are wearing it, and what it is really doing?

Hematite is not naturally magnetic. But, it is an iron ore so man can magnetize it.

Hematite when not magnetized is used for grounding your energy and to create a protective, reflective shield from other energies. If, when you go into a mall or anyplace where there are a lot of people, and you feel off or possibly ill, you are either picking up unwanted energy or being drained by energy vampires (people who use other’s energy to feel good). Using your intention and hematite, you can prevent this from happening. Your trip to the mall can be done without any ill effects.

Hematite also has a cooling energy and can be used to lessen fevers or can help when one has had too much sun. It also has a peaceful energy and will help to create harmonious energy. I would not use the magnetic hematite for fevers or too much sun.

Magnetic hematite jewelry is not usually magnetized enough to drastically change the energy of the hematite. So, in addition to the benefits hematite can bring, the magnetic hematite can be used for healing pain and ailments that are caused by energy blockages. Arthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic nerve pain and migraines are just some of what magnetic hematite can help. It also will help some people to have more energy to get through the day.

The magnetic energy in the hematite helps to get the energy flowing. There is no concrete reason as to why magnetic energy works, but we are electro-magnetic beings, so it only makes sense that the magnetic hematite will have a drawing effect, pulling the energy through the blockages. The iron in our body and blood would also be effected by the magnetic energy.

It is also thought that the type of ailments that magnetic hematite helps are caused from the energy change that is happening on earth. The magnetic earth energy is changing more and more to a higher electric energy vibration, causing stress on our body. Wearing magnetic hematite could be eliminating some of the stress on the body. This would not be enough to stop our progress of moving towards the higher energy vibration, just helpful in easing the stress of it.

I have seen amazing results with clients using these stones and have used them myself. I have also seen results where the magnetic hematite worked more effectively than the regular magnetic jewelry that can be bought. My assumption is that the healing earth energy of the hematite adds many benefits to the magnetic energy.

It is very important to keep the magnetic hematite cleared when using them, by placing them in the sunlight, smudging them or by using Reiki. You can also use water, but do not leave them in the water, as they will rust. It is also important to assess your situation and need for them. You want to use them to heal your ailment, not to become dependent on them. And, like everything in life, more is not necessarily better. I’ll explain this in a minute.

But first, how do you know what jewelry to wear and how to access your need?

For best results to reduce pain in the neck, high back or shoulder area wear earrings or a necklace. For pain in the shoulders, arms, or wrists, wear a bracelet. For pain in the hips, low back, leg, or ankles, an anklet works well. For sciatic nerve pain, I have found that one stone taped to the pain site and an anklet helped to relieve the worst pain immediately. As soon as the pain stops, stop using the single stone and continue to wear the anklet only. For migraines, wear a ring on the thumb and a bracelet. For pain in the finger joints wear a ring.

To assess your need you can use muscle testing or simply go without the jewelry and see what happens. If the pain comes back, begin to wear the jewelry again. I do recommend using the stones for 3 weeks before assessing. The pain may be relieved because the energy flow has begun again, but you want time for healing to become more permanent.

Now, things can get complicated, but please bear with me, it is worth understanding. Remember, I said that magnetized hematite does not change the energy of the hematite much. Well, this is true, but if you wear a lot of this jewelry at once, the reflective energy changes to magnetic energy. This is only a problem if you continue to wear more than one piece over a long period of time. One or two days are fine. And for the case of migraine prevention longer is fine also. The pressure point for headaches is in the soft tissue between the thumb and the next finger; energy here is good.

Here’s the explanation. Now, instead of grounding, reflective energy, you will have the energy collecting between the two pieces of jewelry. For instance you could experience shoulder pain if you wear both a necklace and a bracelet over a long period of time. While wearing a ring on the thumb and a bracelet on the wrist is great for migraines, this would actually make carpal tunnel syndrome more painful. The energy will not ground from the hand.

Power magnets or chatter stones, are much more powerfully magnetized. The energy of these stones is drastically changed to that of the lodestone. These stones will attract energy. This can be good if you are careful and use your intention of what you want to attract. For healing it is also useful, but only use it for a couple of hours a day. The magnetic draw is much more powerful in these stones. So powerful that it will actually hold together with your hand between them.

What this means is pay attention to how you are feeling each and every day, use your intention to assist the healing, and assess your need every 3 weeks. And of course, don’t forget to clear your stones. If they stop working you know you have to clear them. If this doesn’t work, then you will need to give the stones a break for a while and get another bracelet or whatever you have been using.

Also, I always recommend using these treatments along with care from your personal physician. If you are using pain medication, use your intention to tell the body to continue to send healing energy to the problem site even though it does not feel the pain that would signal it to do so.

Now you can adorn yourself with this beautiful jewelry, knowing what it can do for you. You can heal yourself and look beautiful too!

For more info see: Magnetic Hematite

The Link - November/December - 2006

This is a rich dark red stone, sometimes almost brown in colour, which connects to one's root chakra and uplifts one's life energy. Suddenly there is hope, and there is acceptance and balance in one's life. This beautiful stone brings self-esteem, releasing those self-sabotaging behaviors. Life feels easier. Even love and devotion is once again restored. It is best worn next to the skin and with more than one stone. The energy emitted by the stones rubbing against each other is intensified and therefore more beneficial to the wearer. Garnet can be very good for lessening depression when worn in this fashion.

For more info see: Garnet

Relief Beyond Belief - Fall - 2006
Crystal Play

Healing ourselves does not have to be all serious work. We can learn a lot from children while they are at play. They are naturally drawn to stones, carrying them in their hands, filling their pockets until they are overflowing or even using them in their creative endeavor of making mud pies. They are totally mesmerized, all the while without a care in the world.

Why are children so attracted to these little pieces of nature? Take some time to play and you’ll soon discover the answer to this question.

Hold the stones in your hand. Look at them. What do you see? Study the colours, the shapes, and the inclusions of other minerals. Marvel at the sparkly bits. How do they feel? Are they smooth, rough, or sharp? Keep an open mind, and let yourself absorb whatever energy they have to offer you. Pay attention to how you are feeling. Really take the time to just be with the stones. Create designs and patterns or shapes, using many stones of many colours.

Every now and then bring your awareness back to how you feel. Then continue to play. Rub the stone with your fingers. Use 2 or 3 and roll them around in your hand. Place them in a grid around your body. Just let your imagination flow, and play with the stones. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel. Relaxed and at peace, you may even find that you now have the answer to something that has been bothering you, or renewed energy.

How do you get started?

Go to the beach and collect small stones that catch your eye. Be sure to wash these stones well before using them. Add to these more colourful specimens such as, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, carnelian, obsidian, green aventurine, the list goes on and on. Over time you can continue to add to your collection. Store these stones in a special box or better yet a treasure chest.

Play wherever you are comfortable, outside, on the floor, or even sitting at a table. Spending time alone can be very therapeutic, while playing with others will be fun and relaxing too.

Treat this like any meditation or healing time. Arrange to not be disturbed. You don’t have to know what the stones are, or what they are for. This is about creative fun that has a relaxing and healing result. Remember to check in with your feelings and emotions once in a while. Don’t judge what you feel, or try to examine why you feel something, just let it flow. There could be tears, but just stay with it. You’ll feel better after a bit. Once you let go and allow yourself to truly play, your whole being will fill with joy.

When the playtime is over, take a little more time to journal. Don’t analyze what you write. The writing is a great way to release whatever came to the surface during the healing playtime. Giving the stones a smudge bath before putting them back in the treasure box will keep them fresh. Once a month, place your stones in the sun for an afternoon or outside under the full moon for an evening to clear and re-energize them.

This can be a great daily ritual to help you wind down from the day, before you go to sleep at night. If daily is too much of a commitment at this time, then make a play date with yourself once a week, or even month if necessary, to spend an afternoon or morning playing with your crystal collection.

Believe me, your healing journey does not have to be a painful one. Having some fun and experiencing the joy and lightheartedness of play is healing of the highest quality.

Who says you’re too old to play. Go ahead, I dare you to have a little fun.

Join in the Crystal Play here at Peaceful Arts for more info see: Crystal Play

The Link - September/October - 2006

Bringing balance into ones life is not easy. Labradorite offers a unique type of balance. This shimmering celestial stone of greens, blues, golds and browns symbolizes both the moon and the sun energy, giving one insight and clarity. It helps one to move through the cycles in life while at the same time it provides a vitality and sense of self through transitions. Not only does it increase intuition, it transforms this energy to the intellect allowing one to understand what they need to do. As a result labradorite will help one to realize and achieve their destiny.

For more info see: Labradorite

The Link - July/August - 2006

Carrying or wearing a Carnelian will help you to deepen and enrich your family connection, allowing you to appreciate the love that your family offers. It also encourages fun and creativity in your life. If on the other hand you want to contemplate how you really feel about things or just need a safe place to express your emotions, Carnelian again, will be the stone you want by your side. Carnelian’s earthy tones of browns to oranges can take us on meaningful journeys within, helping us to feel both our joys and our sorrows, so we can truly feel alive. Use your intention of what you would like to experience and Carnelian will help you in this way.

For more info see: Carnelian

The Link - June - 2006
Blue Lace Agate

The layers and layers of soft baby blue in this stone are like a stairway to heaven giving access to higher spiritual energy helping one to feel at peace. For those who are aggressive or angry this stone encourages peaceful expression. For those afraid of confrontation this stone enables them to speak without fear, as they will communicate peacefully. This higher spiritual energy also brings to one, higher awareness and the ability to see other’s perspectives. Understanding another’s thinking helps to bring solutions to problems more readily. This stone also enhances positive thoughts towards health, removing fears and helping one to do what is necessary to improve their health.

For more info see: Blue Lace Agate

Relief Beyond Belief - Summer - 2006
Healing Stones, Oh Those Healing Stones

There are different ways that crystals and stones can help us in healing. We may need help on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. But, there is more to it than this. We may want to find a stone that will help us develop who we are, our true potential. Or maybe, we find that people or situations around us are causing us discomfort and we need help. Sometimes situations are just too much to bear and we have to transform something within our self in order to move forward in life. And of course the colour of the stone can help to heal an issue that is related to the chakra of that colour. Regardless of the situation there is a stone or crystal that can help.

Let’s take this one step at a time. Physical pain is caused by an energy blockage. The energy flow is no longer flowing. Clear Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian and Magnetic Hematite are all great stones that will break up the energy blockage and get the energy flowing again, releasing the pain. By the way, Hematite is not naturally magnetic. Even though man has magnetized Hematite, it is effective in lessening pain in cases of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and migraine headaches to name a few things.

Mind chatter can keep us from being able to fall asleep or to be able to relax, which leads to exhaustion and stress. Pyrite on the third eye or Amethyst below the pillow are both effective in calming the mind and allowing a peaceful rest or sleep. Amethyst also will help one to have peaceful dreams. Nightmares however, can be relieved with Citrine.

Anxiety can lead to many problems such as an inability to make decisions, to focus, to do simple tasks, and the list goes on. Chrysoprase is a great stone to help with this. It helps one to accept things that cannot be changed and to do the things that can. Green Moss Agate frees one from stress. It helps one to let go of their fears and brings trust and hope.

Connecting to Spirit or to our Spiritual side can be hard for a lot of people. Danburite helps one to connect to their spiritual heart. It helps one to live according to their spiritual truth. Celestite and Angelite will help one to connect to Spirit, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides. Amethyst is also good for meditation.

Now, let’s look at things a little different. The way a stone is formed is also an indication of how it can help us. All igneous stones, which were once a liquid that solidified, can help us to develop our true potential. The minerals in the liquid magma represent the potential of which stones can be formed. Add to this the factors of pressure, heat, space and time to determine the exact stone that will result. Some of the stones that belong to this category are: Agate, used for strength, stability and grounding, Quartz, for clarity and positive energy, and Blue Sodalite, for helping one to understand who they are, and for expression of ones true emotions.

Sedimentary rock is formed through weathering and erosion. The eroded mineral is washed away and wherever it ends up is mixed with other minerals to form new stone specimens. These stones help us to heal illness or discomfort caused by change and outside influences. Examples of these stones are: Calcite, for gentle guidance through change in life situations, Selenite for flexibility, and an ability to not let others influence one’s thoughts, and Dioptase for accepting what one has, and for healing heartbreak.

Metamorphic rock is formed from immense pressure of stone on stone, transforming into a new stone. Anything that cannot withstand the heat and pressure transforms into something new. Diamond is a prime example. It helps us to have insight into our life’s situation, helping us to cope with our challenges and to learn from them. Marble helps us to transform unhappy circumstances. It can help us to change our belief system if it no longer serves us. Tiger Iron gives us strength and endurance to overcome difficult situations.

And of course as mentioned in previous articles the stone colour, which relates to certain chakras will help to heal issues related to that chakra. To balance all the chakras, the following stones can be used: Root Chakra (red), Red Jasper, Sacral Chakra (orange), Carnelian, Solar Plexus (yellow), Citrine, Heart Chakra (green), Green Aventurine, Throat Chakra (light blue), Blue Lace Agate, Third Eye Chakra (indigo), Blue Sodalite, and Crown Chakra (violet), Amethyst.

When using stones for healing purposes it is important to clear the stones. This can be done by placing them in the sunlight, moonlight, rain, with smudge, energy work, water, or in rare cases, bury them in the earth. Activate them with the heat of the sun, energy work or the heat of the body while wearing them. Then before using them charge them by using your intention or energy work to the purpose you are using them. After this clear them anywhere between once a week to once a month. Once they are cleared you will have to activate and charge them again. Note: The sun can activate and charge them at the same time.

The best thing about using stones and crystals for healing is that there are no harmful side effects. For the most part, once you have bought one you won’t have to buy it again, or you could even find it for free in nature. And you can wear it as jewellry so you can enjoy it twice over, for the healing aspects and for the beauty of the stone. Whatever your reason, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

The Link - May - 2006
Pink Mangano Calcite

This beautiful soft pink stone, touches the heart with a motherly, nurturing energy. It helps mothers to deepen their nurturing compassion. It also brings to one an unconditional love and strength that only a mother can give. This stone is a great healer of trauma. Use it to connect to the angelic realm, through the heart, or to release fear and grief allowing forgiveness. As a result of all these wonderful energies, self-worth and self-acceptance are increased, and nervous tension and anxiety are lessened. This is a perfect stone for a mother or anyone who is in need of a mother.

For more info see: Pink Mangano Calcite

Relief Beyond Belief - Spring - 2006
Take Charge of Your Life With Crystal Power

It’s been a full year since I began writing in ‘Relief Beyond Belief’ about crystals and stones. Some of you have read every article and will know how to use crystals and stones, why they work and even why some of the stones are used. For those of you who began reading these articles mid-year or for the first time now, I’ll explain how stones and crystals work for us on a healing level. If you are a seasoned reader, don’t worry there is something here for you too.

Crystals, rocks and stones emit energy. There is a scientific term called ‘piezoelectric’ for this. It has been found that because of the force used when stones are formed such as intense pressure and heat, a transformation takes place and there is an energy reaction. So stones will not only hold energy, but emit it as well. When we heat a stone with the sun or even just with our body heat, we are activating the energy of the stone. Healers working with energy intensify the activation of the stone’s energy.

Healers have known since ancient times that energy follows intention. If we use our intention, we can access the wonderful healing energies being emitted from crystals and stones. Quartz crystal is the best energy emitter there is in the stone family. It emits energy so precisely that it is used for keeping time in clocks. Quartz has also been used in radios and sonar equipment. Other stones are used in man made objects as well, tourmaline being one, is used in ceramic heaters.

For many, many generations now healers have worked with crystals and stones. Just as the plants contain vital healing properties, so do the many crystals and stones found in the earth. Besides the mineral content of the stone, the colour of the stone has a lot to do with the healing energy the stone emits. Each of the seven major chakra points in our body resonates to the energy of a certain colour. The many wonderful vibrant colours found in the earth’s nuggets resonate to at least one of our chakras. The healing energy from the stones connects to a chakra, bringing it back to its natural vibrant colour and energy flow, and into balance. When our chakras are balanced our body is then in its most relaxed state and able to heal it’s self naturally. Most ailments begin from stress, whether it is stress in ones environment or ones body.

When using plants for healing we mostly digest the parts of the plants that are important for our healing efforts whether it is through an herbal remedy or a tea infusion. Tinctures of plants on the other hand work to heal our bodies on an energy vibration level. Wearing crystals and stones or keeping them near our person allows us to access their energy on a vibrational level as well.

We can also choose to make tinctures with crystals and stones for healing purposes. I highly recommend that you consult an expert before doing such a thing. Just as there are plants that are toxic, there are stones that contain toxic minerals also. The benefit to a tincture is that stone combinations can be made to create a more complex healing energy. It can be difficult to carry or wear many stones at one time, but a small vial containing a tincture of a specific stone combination in a purse or shirt pocket can be easily carried and used.

As previously mentioned, quartz is the best energy emitter in the stone family. It can be used along with any other stone. It will magnify the energy of that stone. Quartz can also be used for any chakra. Using your intention it can be helpful with any level of healing you require, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. You can use it to lessen pain in the body or to clear the aura. When using quartz points you can direct energy to or from the body or aura. Quartz will change negative energy to positive energy. It can be used to bring clarity to a situation. It can also be used to direct the negative electrical energy away from electrical equipment. It is a great idea to tape a quartz point to a hair dryer, place one on the computer, TV, microwave, and the list goes on. Be careful where you point the stone. Do not have it directed to where someone may sit or to a doorway.

There are so many wonderful crystals and stones available. Discovering what they are and how they can be used is a fun way to learn how we can help ourselves in our daily lives, whether it is a health issue or just for getting through the day’s obstacles. Using crystals and stones can be very empowering. We no longer have to rely solely on others for our health. We can instead take charge and work with our health care practitioners for our own benefit.

For more info see: Crystals

The Link - March/April - 2006
Tourmalinated Quartz

Spring is in the air, and the excitement of this time of year can make it hard to stay balanced while preparing for the new growth that spring promises. Tourmalinated Quartz can make this transition easier. This clear/white stone with straight black strips of tourmaline randomly flowing through can produce a solving atmosphere. It helps one to let go of destructive patterns in their life, thus bringing balance and opening the path to a new future. An inner strength can then be felt enabling one to move away from dysfunctional relationships. Keep this stone close by to help you stay grounded through the energy change of this season.

For more info see: Tourmalinated Quartz

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