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Peace Pole
Peace Pole
Peace Pole Peace Pole Peace Pole Peace Pole Peace Pole Peace Pole Peace Pole
2007 Articles By: Valerie Smith

The Link - November/December - 2007

The termination points on an Apophyllite cluster resemble tiny pyramids, and hold within each, an amazingly powerful energy. This energy will help one to connect deep within the recesses of their being from the physical to the spiritual level. As well, it helps connect one to the farthest reaches of the spiritual realm and higher dimension life forms. It can even be used to help one access their Akashic Records, giving insight into the past and the possible future. The insight received from this beautiful specimen helps one to recognize truth in all situations, enhancing ones intuition, and will even help in the recognition of ones behaviors and attitudes. Apophyllite is found in green, white, and clear/colourless forms.

For more info see: Apophyllite

The Link - September/October - 2007

Radiating love and peace, Larimar helps to remove our self-imposed blockages. Also known as the Dolphin Stone, this beautiful, blue-green stone encourages one to go with the flow. Larimar will help to raise ones consciousness, and can also be used to help one find their path in life. It works well in griddng, bringing serenity and sending the message of loving energy to others. Speaking from the heart, and healing past life traumas are also benefits that Larimar offers. The beautiful energy of this stone brings out the beauty of those who wear it or receive the healing energy it holds within.

For more info see: Larimar

The Link - September/October - 2007
The Peace Pole Project

There are more than 200,000 Peace Poles in more than 180 countries around the world. The Peace Pole project was founded by a non-profit, non-denominational organization in 1955 headed by Masahisa Goi. Some of the more notable Peace Poles are found at the Magnetic North Pole, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and the Egyptian Pyramids in Giza.

With the belief that thought forms are energy powerful enough to create change, and that words carry energy vibrations strong enough to inspire and transform all of creation, the prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth” is written on each side of the pole in a different language. The languages chosen have special meaning to whoever has planted the Peace Pole. The pole can have from four to twelve sides, and can be bought or hand crafted.

The Peace Pole project is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit, reminding us to keep peace ever present in our hearts and minds. Peace must first be found within before it can be transpired to others. Visiting a Peace Pole to pray or just rest, can be helpful in times of stress.

When a Peace Pole is planted a silent prayer of peace is sent throughout the world, linking to other Peace Poles, and can be thought of as giving the earth ‘acupuncture’ for Peace. The message of Peace continues to flow 24/7 and can be felt deeply within the heart, each time a Peace Pole is visited.

A Peace Pole Ceremony is held to dedicate it, bringing people together from all walks of life, with one universal cause. Prayer, music, and ritual plant the seed of Peace deep within the earth, promoting the healing of hearts on a universal level. Each year the Peace Pole can be rededicated, renewing a commitment to Peace on Earth, and strengthening the message the pole contains.

“May Peace Prevail on Earth” is an all-inclusive prayer, bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures to embrace Oneness. To become a member of the World Peace Prayer Society or to learn more about the Peace Pole Project visit

On September 21, 2007, the International Day of Peace, a Peace Pole is being dedicated to “World Peace through Inner Peace” in Port Hope at Peaceful Arts, 64 Shuter Street.

For more info see: Peace Pole

The Link - July/August - 2007
Sacred Seven

A natural seven stone combination, Sacred Seven has the highest light vibration of any stone yet found. You can see the purple of the amethyst, the black of the smokey quartz, the clearness of the quartz and the golden threads of rutile quite easily within the stone. The goethite, cacoxenite, and lepidocrocite are less easily seen, but are just as powerful within the stone energy. This stone can be used for all healing needs, regardless of which level of body. It will bring awareness to what has remained hidden and assists one to understand what is needed to facilitate change. It does not hold negative energy so never needs clearing. It is especially helpful in raising your energy level, assisting the processes of meditation, intuition and manifestation.

For more info see: Sacred Seven

The Link - May/June - 2007

Whenever we are clearing and releasing from a physical, emotional or spiritual sense, Chrysocolla is the stone to use. It is very helpful when clearing out a room in your home, clearing energy from the body as in a healing crisis, or when letting go of negative emotions. It is especially helpful in rebuilding relationships. The blues and greens found in Chrysocolla, reminds one of the earth when peering down from space. So it is not surprising to learn that this stone also helps one to connect to the earth and to become attuned to earth energies. Chrysocolla is the perfect spring stone to help us let go of the old as we do our spring-cleaning.

For more info see: Chrysocolla

The Link - March/April - 2007
Blue Kyanite

This deep blue stone has a splintery texture and is very delicate to the touch. It has a powerful, yet gentle stone energy. It does not hold any negative energy so it never needs clearing. This stone can be used to open and balance all chakras. It is excellent for communication, mental and psychic awareness. Blue Kyantite can also be used to open pathways, whether to new energy or for channeling energy in. This is a great stone to have with you at all times. A necklace is best, but if carrying it in your pocket, be sure to place it in a pouch as the stone may crumble, and the shards can be sharp.

For more info see: Blue Kyanite

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